Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walk at Beaver Lake

In a radical departure from the usual posting schedule on this blog, I am posting about events before they're months in the past! (No, not Halloween, sillies, I'm not that organized!)  These pictures have been uploaded for days, so I decided I should post them before I start uploading more pictures.

We went to Beaver Lake Nature Center on Saturday for a hike.  They were planning on an Enchanted Night walk through the woods, so they had the carved pumpkins all over the place.

Checking out the inside of the nature center...

then hitting the trail!

Taking a rest stop with Grandpa!  They're eating the candy Grandpa bought them for energy for the hike!

Three generations of White men!

Running on the boardwalk.

Then a rest stop with Grandma!

They kind of like her.

And I kind of like this guy.

Although I do think our love would be better if we changed our names to "Hiram" and "Gladys".

It was a gorgeous day for a walk.  Cool enough to enjoy walking, cloudy but not raining.

Such beautiful woods!

Checking out the camping lean-to.

Grandpa demonstrating why it's called a "lean-to".

Admiring the lake.

My poor ghost-of-its-former-self camera didn't really capture it well, but there were lots of beautiful leaf colors left.

Some of the hundreds of geese winging their way into the lake, as glimpsed through the trees.  We had fun watching them perform slip-side maneuvers to get at the right height for landing.

My sweet fambly!

Evan Joe and I.

The ferns were a gorgeous color.

After all those years working for the telephone company, Dana should know about wearing a hard hat when in dicey situations!

It was an interesting tree.  All bumpy!

Trying to convince Lincoln he wanted to stand in the fork of the tree for a photo op.  (He didn't want.)

Elliott lasted for a few seconds before wanting down.  Even his mouth full of Kit-Kat bar didn't fortify him.

Rilla, on the other hand, will brave any danger for a photo op.

A pretty moss-covered tree.

My pretty girl.

Crazy curly head.

Pouting about something...

Then relenting.

Rilla's willingness for posing doesn't extend to group shots, apparently.  She wouldn't scoot in with the others.

Hanging out on the railing.

This girl is getting to be so grown-up looking.

That's Rilla and Grandpa, peeking sneaky-like at Mommy.

Grandpa taking pity on the little hikers.  We did the three-mile loop around the lake, and the kids walked most of it!  I have to say I was skeptical about attempting it, but it went fine!  The presence of grandparents added to the "can-do" spirit the kids displayed.

There were so many geese, pausing on their southern journey.

Pretty oak leaves.

This tree would get a lot of use if it was in our yard!  What a great fort!

Cheyenne perched atop the roots.

My little fall baby blends right in with the leaves!

Rilla's turn on the roots.

Three of them on the tree.

Then Lincoln, and his beloved stick.

I like his self-possessed look.

"Take a picture of me, Mummy!"

This was about 2.5 miles in, so I was impressed with the running!

Another requested photograph.

We thought we were getting a hike in before we were buffeted by Hurricane Sandy, or the "Frankenstorm", but we ended up being affected not a whit.  The storm stalled over PA, and the worst thing that happened to us is that some of the leaves from the neighbor's tree blew into our yard.  Thankful we were so lucky, hard to take in the pictures from NYC and NJ!

I might get to Halloween someday soon...