Friday, July 31, 2009

Moira's Heritage Day Parade

This year was Moira's 10th Heritage Day Parade-- and the first time I actually attended! Cheyenne was there when I was on bed rest with Elliott, but I finally got to hit the big day in my hometown!

Evan, Elliott and Philip heading up Main Street. We got there at the last possible minute and there was still parking close by, and lots of room for spectators. Bonus of a small-town parade!

Livie grabbed my camera to capture the scene. Funny that, I'm in the stall selling books!

Rilla had the best seat.


My mentally deranged brother's footwear for the day. I hope he's had his tetanus shot recently.

Cheyenne was just a tad excited about this all. She got to go to Ashley's house that morning, and ride to the parade with Ashley. Aunt Ashley was the cool one that day!

Head of the parade.

Rilla's switched seats-- Aunt Lindsey doesn't have scratchy hair on her neck.

Old car.

Not-quite-as-old car. If you're hungering for more pictures of such, I believe I took a picture of every single float and/or car. I'll send you a CD for a nominal fee.

Moira fire truck. This is their day to shine!

Rilla observing, while keeping the milk supply close at hand.


A real band!

These were the champion softball girls of 1990 or 1991-- not sure which. Anyway, they were older than me and WAY cool. The girl smiling REAL big is the daughter of my former English teacher. I got to stand beside the former English teacher the whole parade, which was great-- she's a walking encyclopedia of all things Moirian.

I liked this old car.

Here is the guy that made Tyler tough it out through high school. He taught shop, and photography, and some classes he designed just for Tyler. Whatever grades he received in other classes, Tyler got 100s in Mr. McKane's classes. And it wasn't because Mr. McKane was an easy grader-- Tyler just WANTED to do well in his classes. And, in another small town side note, Cody and Justin now work for his brother.

Mr. McKane's daughter, Sara.

Marissa (I think?) But I know she's married to the guy below...

Who is the little brother of one of Tyler's best friends in high school, and, incidentally, Owen and Ashley are renting his house while he goes to school out of town.

What kind of 5 to 6 year old kid gets to ride a four-wheeler in an actual parade? A lucky kid.

Yet another old one.

Cody, using Lindsey for his arm rest. I really wish Cody hadn't primped so long before coming.

And, Cheyenne, spoiled rotten by her wonderful Aunt Ashley. She is wearing the crown of (artificial) flowers Ashley bought for her.

After the parade, we ate Happy Meals! There was booth selling hot dogs for $1.50. But, if you ordered a "Happy Meal" from them, you got a kid-decorated paper bag with a juice pouch, cremesaver yogurt, bag of chips, and a cookie. Plus a hot dog. So we all spread ourselves on the happy meal idea! We took them back to Bethaney and Justin's house, since their house was just a short walk down the road!

Stay tuned for more Saturday Excitement! And, as always, check out my recipe blog, where there's lots more... recipes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow, What a Weekend!

I downloaded 580-some pictures of my memory card today, and by rigid self-control, managed to winnow the essential pictures down to 169. Ergo, I don't think I'm going to be able to put them into one blog post. The number of pictures speaks to the fact that it was one awesome long weekend we just enjoyed. Lindsey flew in Friday morning, we went up to Mary Bregg's for a surprise baby shower for Bethaney, watched the parade in Moira for Heritage Day on Saturday, I cooked all Saturday afternoon (with mucho help from Ashley) for Saturday supper, we played baseball Saturday night... then on to Sunday, with a wonderful meeting, another yummy meal (and four cakes for the birthday people this time of year!), swimming, relaxing, a hymn sing late at night. Monday we crammed in more visiting with old friends, then drove home late. So, it was a weekend to remember.

Tonight, I'm just going to put up pictures of Bethaney's baby shower. Since the Earl girls, childhood (and current!) friends of Bet's, hadn't been close enough to do anything for Bethaney's first two kids, they decided to throw a shower for Bet this time around! It was to be a surprise. Remember that there are 6 kids in the Earl family and 8 kids in the Vaughan family-- so lots of people had to keep quiet to make the surprise work! But it all came together. Nina, Verity and Mary did LOTS of work to get ready.

The beautiful centerpiece (those are real lemons!) and Yankee Candle party favors.

There was a ginormous sub...

And lots of vegetables! Nothing looks prettier than fresh vegetables, and they were super yummy with the dip Nina made.

Punch, continuing the citrus-y theme. I loved the colors!

Now since it was a surprise, we couldn't tell Bethaney get there at a specific time. She thought she was coming to Mary's for a playdate with Mary's kids and my kids. So, we had a while to wait. Cheyenne kept patient watch at the front door while the rest of us chatted.

Cristin and Mary.

Tori and the Owen girls.

Lucy, Connie, Tori, Cheyenne and Lindsey.

Verity, Cristin, Mary, Hayden and Holly. Note the amazing number of windows Mary's apartment has-- it's a really neat place!

Alice, Nina, Tatiana, and Bonnie.

And Bet finally arrived!

First she looks confused-- "Why is Mom here for my playdate with Clover and Mary?"

Then slightly teary with surprise!

Yup, it was a surprise!

We started off with eating-- always a good scheme! Cheyenne and Tatiana helped themselves to some of the delicious fruit.

Then on to presents! This is an afghan Verity knitted for Baby Boy Cotten.

Dad even contributed some presents-- onesies full of pictures of trucks, motorcycles-- lots of "boy" things.

That's quite the pile of goodies! I'm thinking I should plan on having a baby boy soon so we can cash in on the hand-me-downs.

It was awesome having Lindsey home again. We're lucky she makes time to come home fairly frequently (well, "frequently" considering she lives 5000 miles away and her flight time home Tuesday was over 20 hours. That's not something you do lightly!)

Checking out some pictures.

Nina explaining something with great vigor.

Bet using Nature's Shelf for Pregnant Ladies.

Lily quite enjoyed the "Birthday Cake" icecream. Lily believes that one closes one's eyes in a charming squint for all pictures-- it's rather cute, even if you don't see her eyes!

Lots of ice cream kiddos!

Cool girly toys and ice cream-- Cheyenne thoroughly enjoyed her time there.

No, Evan wasn't there for the whole shower (though Mary's poor husband was-- he wisely stayed upstairs, napping!) He stopped by to pick up some kids on his way through. He was sucked into our coolness, though, and stayed a while to visit.

They lined up for a picture, then I made them move-- still joined at the hip.

They all look much the same as they used to-- only Bet's a teeny bit larger in the tummy than she was back in the day.

Gorgeous ladies!

And ditto. Rilla loved climbing this railing, under Grandma Jill's supervision.

Elliott on Hayden's Big Wheel. We were considering buying him one of these for his birthday, but despite the fact that he loved playing with it here, he is still too little to really be able to ride it. Maybe next year!

Lots of kids playing!

Then we got very Jane Austen-ish. Here Lindsey and Verity go for a stroll around the lawn...

And we inspected Mary's garden! Very pretty flowers...

and lots of ripening tomatoes! Cheyenne loved this garden, especially when Nina and Mary found some fresh peas and green beans for her to munch on.

Lindsey with her matching nieces.

Mary's property backs up onto the Grasse River. We all went down to skip some stones. (Evan got the most number of skips, despite Mary's impressive mastery of the art.)

Evan with Marilla and Lillian.

Bet with Orianna. It was a little bit slippery heading down this hill, so we were all glad Bet didn't go tumbling down on her belly.

I love this picture of Lindsey and Verity observing the proceedings from the top of the hill. (They had already been down to the river, so they just watched for this leg of the trip.)

The back of Mary's apartment. What awesome windows!

Well, if I didn't have to go fold laundry so we could actually sleep in our bed tonight, I could post some more pictures! Hope you enjoy tonight's installment of pictures as much as I enjoyed being there while these events were happening! Tomorrow night I will post the pictures of Moira's fascinating parade!