Sunday, July 29, 2012

May 2012, Part I

Ah, May.  It seems a long time ago.  Probably because it was.

Evan trimmed the crabapple tree within an inch of its life this year, so there was no branches low enough to take the traditional family picture surrounded by apple blossoms.  The blossoms were still pretty, though, even without sweet young faces.

I was even brave enough to try to take pictures of the bees!  Although my camera does not excel at closeups.

Rilla assembling the animals for morning parade.

Three little friends, wandering around the backyard, searching for dandelions to blow.

Evan got a new phone.  We saw this pose a lot.

This one, too.  But this look doesn't have a lot to do with the phone, it's more about his wife with a camera.

I like this guy.  I also like days that lend themselves to sitting on the front porch, watching kids play.

The kids found Daddy's stash of foam floor pieces, and spent hours building houses on the driveway.  This one was real fancy, with different rooms, plus an outdoor patio.

Evan attempting to pick up kids' toys with fat kids on his belly.

Yup, definitely the easiest way to put that doll house away.  The kids thought it was hilarious, of course.

Another fun event for porch sitters.  Watching Elliott dangle...

And drop!

Elliott adores tree climbing.

Pink camo shirt, white tulle skirt, and moose rubber boots.  No wonder she looks so gorgeous.

Rilla can't get into the tree by herself, but if she's helped up, she sure enjoys hanging out up there.

Skip roping redhead.

Sunday girl.

Mother's Day.  I'm sure it sets your mind at rest to know Lincoln possesses a uvula.

I'm a lucky mummy.

Then, Cheyenne wanted a funny faces picture.  Marilla is a little concerned.

Silly kiddos.

Grandma Jill bought two art smocks at Ikea, plus some paint.  For once, I didn't think about the mess that would ensue, and just let the two littles paint to their hearts' content.

Rilla was a very careful, colorful artist...

While Lincoln favored the stipple approach.

Lunch!  Milk and PB&Js.

Rilla, appropriately attired in her smock, loves making her own sandwiches!

She is so careful and cute...

And rather proud!

Another painting session when the big kids were home from school.

Cheyenne was the official measurer of paint.

Lincoln chips in with the yard work.

Cheyenne gets to use the mower!

Daddy helping Cheyenne negotiate the turn.

Evan's feelings on having a kid old enough to do yard work.

Cody's truck, on its way through.  I hear it has been painted all pretty-like since then!

I bought this card a while ago, because it reminded me of the lovely chaos of the cousins getting dressed together, but it has become one of Rilla's favorites.  The cast of characters, L to R: Elliott, Cheyenne, Rilla, Lily, Orianna, Gosha (since introduced to the world as Elsie June, but she remains Gosha in this picture), and Breanna.  Rilla was very concerned that Lincoln, Gilbert, Levi and Andy weren't represented, but I assured her they were just downstairs finishing breakfast before they got dressed, and that satisfied her.  The card is now dog-eared from handling.

Elliott and the Game Boy.

Blurry little boy in clean morning light.

Goofy grinner!

Rilla reading Tintin to her doll.

Rilla constructed an elaborate house on the coffee table, using all the Loving Family dollhouse furniture, plus the Little People.

The queen on the right presides over all.

It's nice to be able to see the grandfather clock when you're lounging in your bubble bath.

The parking lot looks a little risky, though.  That minivan is not parked safely.

I like the little niche for sewing under the camper.

I like this girl, too.  Have I mentioned that?

Sheep need a nursery, too!

I have more pictures of Memorial Day weekend coming, but I'll let that be it for tonight!