Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our new White Family website

Welcome to this new place for all things White! When I have more time (look for this in '09 or thereabouts) I will try to learn how to actually make the webpage look good! For now, we'll rely on the beauty of our 2 (soon to be 3!) kids to carry the load.
Elliott and Cheyenne are best buddies-- running around the house together holding hands is one of their favorite games, and Elliott even submits to getting married to Cheyenne several times a day. (In Cheyenne's world, a wedding consists of standing facing each other and kissing. Unfortunately for the moral tenor of her world, she always has her baby along for this ceremony.)

Seeing this smile as Cheyenne holds her cousin, Lillian Nora, I have no doubts she's cut out to be the big sister of a new baby!

"The Twins" with Cheyenne. Despite their being 10 months age difference between Elliott and Orianna, they are almost exactly at the same age, developmentally. They also have the same evil sense of humor about getting into trouble. If you hear the two of them chuckling, start running!

We had a wonderful week and a half in Florida with Dana and Marilyn. I think we had the best weather Florida had in a month-long stretch. And any vacation when devoted grandparents entertain the kids is great!

"Now let's see... where's someone's shoe to unload this sand?"

The kids adored the ocean, especially a sturdy-legged four-year old.

Mr. Blue Eyes, and Black-and-Blue Forehead. Despite being much more able to navigate than he used to, he still seems to bump his head an awful lot.

My 30th! Yikes!
After watching Cheyenne make a snow angel, Elliott had to flop down and flail around a bit!


The McCoys said...

Welcome to Blogspot :) Hope all is well in Syracuse! Glad to see some pics of the kids. Hopefully we'll get to see pics of the new baby soon! Glad to hear things are going so well this time :) Take Care!!

Anonymous said...

We're still waiting for the good news!
Love your site.

Anonymous said...

Haven't figured out what they want to be able to put a name on this so had to use the anonymous tag to get through.
Anyway, we thought of you last night when we saw the big beautiful moon on the way to meeting. I said to Dorine that this should get some action from you. But - I guess we were wrong.
Oh, while you are just sitting and waiting - We got that CD of all of Sam's hymns for you to learn to play. :-)
We're wishing the best to you all!!
Dorine and Sherm

spiceoflifeherb said...

The Potter's Face

The Potter's face above the clay
I had not seen before;
My eyes had been upon the pots
Around the Potter's door.

For some of them were beautiful:
Their colors won my heart,
And some were simple, useful things
Designed to play their part.

I saw the wheel that turned and turned,
The hands that deftly pressed.
I saw the growing forms take shape
And said, "He knoweth best!"

But then I saw the Potter's face;
I gazed into his eyes.
The wisdom and the love therein
They thrilled me with surprise.

"Indeed he does know best," I cried
"Whose mind designs each vase."
There is no fear at all for those
Who watch the Potter's face!

spiceoflifeherb said...

Oh! Evan and Clover! She is SO beautiful!
With our love and care.
Dorine and Sherm

IzzysGram said...

Congratulations on your new little one Evan and Clover! Hope Marilla will be 100% soon, so you can take her home and enjoy every moment of her. I've bookmarked your blog so will keep checking in to see how you all are doing. Love the pictures. Your children are precious. Much love from Maine, Brad and Kelly xo