Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vaughan Reunion in June

I never got a chance to post pictures from when we were all up at Mom and Dad's the weekend before the wedding. For many more, see the before-referenced Bet's Picasa page, or check out Lisa's blog--
Marilla celebrated Flag Day by rolling over. After Elliott taking months to progress from rolling tummy to back to back to tummy, it was delightful when Marilla did both the next day!
Dirty, happy kids!
The tree that fell on Mom and Dad's house didn't stand a chance that Saturday with Tyler, Justin, Evan, Cody, Owen and Dad. A few months of wood there, all stacked up and ready for winter!
Sitting around the living room-- the "new" addition (four years old now) sure comes in handy when everyone is home.
We had to supress this photo until after the wedding-- if Ashley had seen this photo of Owen snuggling with a gorgeous redhead with tousled hair first thing in the morning, she might have jumped to the wrong conclusion and called the whole wedding off.
Very responsible Cousin holds Marilla.
They all got dressed seperately-- and we could have hardly picked more complimentary dresses for them to all wear together.
Red, Blonde and Brunette-- and all gorgeous.
All dressed up.

The chess titans, Cody and Tyler, have lots of kibbitzers.

Mr. Social Life catches up with someone.

The happening spot on a Sunday evening.
Breanna standing on the swing. She has the most well-developed leg muscles I've ever seen on a kid! All that playing!

Orianna with her beautiful tousled hair.

The gearhead gets a motorcycle ride from Uncle Owen. Despite Evan being fairly indifferent to most motorized things, Elliott is obsessed!

Two boy cousins, ready to be farmers in their overalls. (Levi overalls, of course! :-)
Levi with the assist.
A rare moment of silence, as they all tuck into their homemade Kraft Dinner!

All the Cousins in the grass. Impossible to really get a group shot of 7 kids under 5, especially with a baby, but they are beautiful kids!

The White Kids.
The next week will be busy, too. We're heading to work day at Altamont Saturday, then on to Dana and Marilyn's for a few days. I'm taking Tori home and staying there for a few days, then hauling Olivia home with us for her week!

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