Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weddings, Real and Pretend

It's been a month since I started this post, and I still haven't managed to get better pictures of the wedding, but here are the few I have. We had a great couple of days in Illinois, and it's wonderful to have Julie in our family now!

The new husband and wife share a kiss!

Three White siblings!

Watching the pictures afterwards. The man who performed the wedding ceremony is holding Elliott.

This is where the kids started rebelling. That's Lindsey, Julie's neice, with Elliott and Cheyenne. It was a little too chilly, and they were starting to want to go home!

But not before Elliott and Cheyenne looked sweet and loving.

The expanded White family!

Mr. and Mrs. White.
Our family!
I decided to do pictures of the kids the next Sunday, so Cheyenne said to go outside and wait for her.
She is definitely making a bride's entrance!

"Now he's going to be my husband and we're going to kiss!" They are standing beside our October Glory maple tree--living up to its name!

Daddy with the three kids.

Rilla smiling.

Elliott in his suit!
Happy girl!

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