Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brother #2

For those of you who know my brother Cody, you know he strives to avoid the usual. In this vein, he is currently walking across the United States. He does, however, feel he should accomplish something beyond personal satisfaction, so he is using the trip as a fundraising tool for Doctors Without Borders. I know I can't wait for his phone calls to see where he is and how he's doing, so I made a blog to update people on his progress and give him an address to hand out to people he meets who are interested in sponsoring him or just following along as the story unfolds. So... http://codywalks.blogspot.com/.

On more mundane Central New York issues, I am currently using Evan's business computer (shhh, don't tell the IRS) to write this, while Evan formats our computer. (Very scary background music should be playing in your mind, currently.) We have had many problems with our computer, including not being able to burn CDs. Yeah, my poor sister-in-law who trusted me to take her wedding pictures back in June STILL doesn't have a hard copy of the pictures. Despite repeated trips to Best Buy, it still isn't working. (Don't get me started on the arrogant snots comprising both the Geek Squad and the Best Buy customer service departments.) So, we're hoping a format will help. It's actually kind of scary to realize how scary it IS to basically delete your whole computer. As my dad would say, "Think of the pioneers!"... and they certainly didn't have computers. (But if it wasn't for computers, how would I follow the Pioneer Woman blog?) Hopefully, I'll have my computer back in the morning-- and Ashley might even get a CD at Thanksgiving!

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