Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Beauties

This was a bouquet of flowers Cheyenne bought for Grandma Marilyn's birthday. They are probably grown in Ecuador or something, but it was nice to have springy things around anyway we could!

I had fun taking pictures of the blooms!

Then I had to start taking pictures of Marilla next to them.

Squatting beside the flowers, firmly holding her new sippy cup. She loves the cup, even though she doesn't swallow all that she sips-- the front of her shirts are usually pretty milky at the end!

Look at the curve of that cheek!

Then she started making silly faces...

She's good at it!

We were SO happy to go pick up Daddy at the airport last week!

Rilla sure remembered Daddy-- she clung to him like a little burr for a few days!

Elliott drinking his last bottle, not that I'd warned him of this!

The dentist had said he really needed to ditch the bottle, so I waited until after Daddy had been home a day. I thought it would be traumatic, and figured we wouldn't pile the trauma of No Daddy on top of the trauma of No Bottle. He actually has done really well with it, though. He had been down to just a bottle at bedtime, occasionally a bottle in the afternoon at nap time. I thought that one bottle was pretty entrenched, but he's only asked for one a couple times since, and he takes a "no" very calmly. Big kid!

He also got a big boy haircut Friday night.

I hate it, but it will hopefully grow back! It looks adorable from the back, but he has such a high forehead he needs some hair hanging over it. Not to mention the very light color of his hair, and his sticky-out ears. I do love to rub this hairstyle, though! I gave him his haircut, and while I don't like how he looks in it, I'm proud that I got the haircut technically correct. There have been a few haircut trials on my husband and brothers that didn't always pan out so well!

Elliott is still obsessed with cars. I brought this rug, which usually lives in the family room, up to the living room this week. Big mistake. Any time I walked from the living room to kitchen, I'd hear, "Don't step on my rug! You step on gas station, Mommy!" Very indignant little boy.

Happiness is... lots of cars.

Neatly parked cars, no less!

They even go outside with him when the weather is nice.

Rilla loves climbing up on the big kids picnic table.

Cheyenne, in her "clompy" shoes, being a basketball girl. (She's obviously never watched a game, or she'd be wearing sneakers, but she loves the noise those shoes make on the wooden deck.) The Syracuse Orange were in the Sweet Sixteen playoffs, so it was all she heard about in school. When she came home that Friday afternoon, everything was Syracuse!

We are having a rainy Sunday. We have had amazing (and rare) sunshine and warmth lately! It is wonderful for the kids to be able to play outside so much. Today, though, we're enjoying our lazy Sunday, and it doesn't matter what is happening outside!


Becky Gonce said...

Rilla is TOO cute! SO are your other 2!=-) But 1 is sure a cute age.. their personallity really starts to blossom! =-)

Briana said...

i loove the new haircut! nothing wrong with "sticky out" ears! :)

Kel said...

I have so much fun reading your blog and looking at pictures of your ADORABLE kids!!! Love you guys! xo