Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween: 12 Pictures, 22 Days Later

I was too lazy to put up Halloween pictures before now, but I decided they were too funny to never put up. So here they are, even if it is SO Thanksgiving instead of Halloween this week!

Elliott and Cheyenne were quite excited about going trick-0r-treating.

Cheyenne was an old-time princess, Marilla was a bumblebee, and Elliott was a giraffe (again). Cheyenne's outfit was a hand-me-down she loved, but it lacked the snappy answer to the question, "What are you?" She was quite disgusted with having to explain to people what she was, but she loved looking glamorous!

Marilla actually kept her hood on the whole time. Of course, with the curls hidden, everyone thought she was a boy.

Elliott is REALLY excited by all this.

I asked Cheyenne to squat to get Rilla in the picture better-- so of course, Rilla squatted, too!

With the loot!

Marilla puts her few teeth to good use!

Cheyenne is NOT pictured with her candy, because she was out on the porch, officiously passing out candy to the kids who came to our house. I turned the lights out after 105 people-- kids come from all over to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood!

And now it's Thanksgiving, which is another excuse to eat lots of food!

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