Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Busy Social Calendar

Another Friday night, and Clover is writing on her blog! What a social butterfly... Actually, I can't complain about my social life-- we've had a week chock full of people!

But first, the anti-social stuff...

Here's the main reason I haven't been as faithful about updating my blog. We moved my computer up to the living room, which is wonderful. No more shivering in the always-freezing corner of the family room while Evan hangs out in his recliner in the living room. Now, I get to sit next to him and ask him, "Whatcha doin?" every five minutes. He's ecstatic about the change.

It's quite a switch, from my gargantuan desk to this cute little one. I now have a bureau in the family room to store office supplies, computer program disks, etc. There's just enough room on the desk for the computer monitor and the keyboard.

Anyway, we had to get a wireless card for my computer, since there's no cable connection in that part of the living room. The wireless card fought with the printer for the longest time, which necessitated re-installing all the HP software, which messed up how I download and edit pictures. Now, though, all my little programs are back and working so I can bore the world at large with my bazillion pictures and blathering.

Here's another new thing-- the bandanna quilt on Elliott's bed. Marilyn made it from some bandannas she's had for years, and used it to practice quilting on the quilt machine a couple of years ago. She brought it out for the kids to use, and it ended up matching Elliott's bed perfectly! Until this time, Elliott had been emasculated by the kitten blanket Aunt Lisa-in-Alaska had made for Cheyenne years ago. A great quilt for Cheyenne, not quite as manly for Elliott. Now he has a testosterone-producing quilt! (Note the empty middle shelf on the the bookcase-- Rilla considers it a personal failure for the board books to remain on that shelf for more than five minutes at a time.)

Saturday morning, Evan got the Play-Dough out for the kids. They had a wonderful time. Isn't it great to think I bought that whole Rubbermaid of Play-Dough toys at a garage sale for a couple of bucks?

Cheyenne was, surprisingly, silly!

Rilla wants to see the other side of the camera.

Elliott, holding up his green Play-Dough for inspection.

Cheyenne uses her purple Play-Dough for a horn or something.

Happy playing! A rare and lovely thing...


Saturday afternoon was slightly above freezing, so we pushed the kids outdoors. Rilla needed help walking in the crusty snow, so Big Sister lent a hand.

Mighty Shovel Man.

It's awesome how much more Elliott enjoys the snow, now that he's bigger.

Marilla, with a resigned expression. "Have you had enough fun snapping my picture, Mom? Because I'm freezing, and frankly, I don't see the point of being outside at the moment."

I love winter kids!

Sunday, we had a potluck for our meeting. Of course, I forgot to take any pictures of that. But we had a great time, and it made me want to have more frequent potlucks. As a bonus, it made me clean my house on Saturday so Sunday evening I had a nice clean house to enjoy after everyone left!

Then, since I like promoting my daughter playing hooky, and it's fun to drive by myself on winter roads with little kids, the kids and I headed North!

Dad, admiring Justin's new maple sugar evaporating pan. (I think it's an evaporating pan? I may have the terminology wrong, but I know it has to do with sugaring. Evan will be insanely jealous.)

Five kids, playing in the Cottens' new bathtub. Five kids, and 100 plastic balls. A lovely recipe for fun.

Except that most of the water drained, and there wasn't enough hot water to run more...

And then Rilla peed in the tub and REALLY broke up the party. Check out the totally elegant tiled bath and the cool showers, though.

Bethaney, pretending to fold a towel so she's not in the picture. Cool mirror, and I'm going to steal their soap dispenser one of these days.

Olivia snapped this picture, so I'm not sure if Orianna is intending to be a wolf or a bear. Probably a wolf, since The Three Little Pigs is one of the top stories right now. Wolf or bear, either way I'm skeered.

Cheyenne, reading to Orianna. Cheyenne being able to read stories has made her popularity zoom.

Marilla, rocking the late 80s hairdo. I used to go to school with girls who spent hours on this look. Marilla achieves it in two seconds by ripping the elastics out of her hair.

Lots of teasing going on to get that front roll!

AND glamorous sunglasses.

Even models need their milk.

Gilbert, snuggling on Dad's chest. He's usually quite happy there. He's the most adorable little thumb-sucker I've ever seen. (Gilbert, that is, not Dad.)

High entertainment in the Vaughan household. Cheyenne is, once again, reading books to her cousin. Tori is engrossed on the computer. I like Tori's clothing choices-- that's what happens when you pull on a random skirt in the dark.

Then, Wednesday afternoon, we got home just in time for Auntie's visit. The kids seem to like her!

Rilla was doing puzzles, until I got the camera out.

Then, "see pissures???" starts. And it's impossible to take her picture because she keeps maneuvering to get on the other side of the camera.

She was spinning this car around in circles until I wanted to take a picture of it. The car was a present to Elliott from Grandma Jill, but it's one of Rilla's favorite things to do. She sits on the floor and scootches around in circles, running the car around herself.

Squatting. Perhaps that skirt is getting too short, since it's invisible in this picture? I love the green sweater-- Grandpa Dana picked it out for her.

Then, of course, we're back to trying to see pictures.

I've been a wee bit obsessed with making layered Jello salad lately. I'd never heard of it, until someone who grew up eating my mother-in-law's Jello salad at potlucks wrote me to see if I had the recipe. Once I got the recipe from Marilyn, I decided to try it. I've had a few disasters (notice how most of the red Jello is melted on this one because I dipped it in hot water for too long) but thankfully, they all taste fine and Cheyenne likes Jello! This was my attempt at Vaughans', using Bet's snowflake mold.

Then one I made last night. Bet bought a couple of molds at the thrift store so we can be cool retro 50s housewives, and this is the one I got. I think the top layer looks a little sick-- bilious purple. I think I will do the clear Jello layer for the top from now on!

And, if I get ambitious, I will put the recipe for this up on my long-neglected cooking blog tomorrow! That way, everyone else can waste a lot of time making a fairly useless recipe! :-)


Becky Gonce said...

LOVE the pictures... your kids are SOO cute! Love Marilla's curls! Elliot's favorite color must be green!?! That is all I hear about from Carson! Thanks again for the update... love to hear what is going on with you and your family!

olivia said...

orianna wasn't pretending to be a bear OR a wolf. she just asked me to show her the picture of her like that. so when i told that you didn't have any one your camera she made me take one. the end.