Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back in New York...

We're in Florida!!! However, I'm fighting with Evan's computer over downloading pictures, so I don't have any FL pictures for posting. I'll post these boring (but cute) Central Square pictures tonight, and maybe by tomorrow I will be with-it enough to get some Florida pictures up!

My little Rilla, fallen asleep on Daddy's lap. Auntie Lisa had taken Elliott and Cheyenne ice-skating, and Evan wanted to wait until they were home to put Rilla down for her nap. She crawled up on Daddy's lap, though, and lasted about five minutes! Sleepy baby...

We were wanting to bring our tent to Florida, but we hadn't put it up in a couple of years. We set it up in our living room to make sure everything was clean and hole-free.

I can't decide if the tent is just really huge, or our house is even smaller than I realized!

The kids loved playing inside it for a few minutes before we took it down again.

What my floor looks like after Rilla eats a bowl of Cheerios. I'm not sure how she can broadcast them over such an area.

I threw out my Downy ball last week! I bought this ball when we first got married-- it's been through a LOT of washloads!

I got to throw it out, though, because I have a new washer, with an actual fabric softener dispenser!

And a new dryer. They are so spiffy. Evan got a really good deal on them on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Such a good deal that they were back-ordered until February. They were worth the wait, though! The washer is a top loader, but it's a high-efficiency model.

Rilla, singing hymns and hugging her baby.

Elliott drawing. I usually only see him draw during meeting, and that's usually a bunch of scribbles, so I was glad the other day when I saw him drawing, and it was all recognizable figures.

Rilla had to draw, too.

Bright, happy eyes!

And another pair.

Rilla reading to her baby. She is very into babies right now, it's nice to see the doll accessories that Cheyenne has kind of outgrown being used again!

Well, we're enjoying our time here immensely, I'll try to get pictures up sometime!


Becky Gonce said...

I am amazed that you are bloggin on your vacation!!! But I am glad to see the pictures... those kids of yours are SO cute!

Cecil and Amy said...

Are you enjoying the heat? ha.

Lisa said...

Do I recognize that striped sweater Marilla is wearing? I'm so glad, I was worried it wouldn't be big enough, but for some reason I really thought it looked like what you'd like.
The tent pics cracked me up, it looks huge in there!!! =) Our trailer is still sitting under lots of snow, but Levi talks every day about when we can go camping again!