Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer on the Farm

Tomorrow, we are leaving for Freedom convention. I can't wait for that privilege, but in the meantime, much packing has to be done. I've finally realized that I will never have time to write about all these 85 pictures, but, you know what? Most of them are explained by the title. This is the week that the kids and I went and stayed on the farm and had hot, busy, delightful days. Enjoy the pictures, and I'm going to go enjoy some rest before our busy day tomorrow.


Virginia said...

What a lovely bucolic post! I wish this were Facebook so I could comment on each and every photo (I'm sure you're glad it's not) b/c there were some real gems in there. What a bunch of photogenic cousins! And it was nice to have a glimpse of you!

Bethaney said...

I love a lot of the kids pictures. Most of the pictures actually. What nice kids we have.

Verity Earl said...

Huzzah to Nina and Bet's comments! I heartily agree.