Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

As Evan is reminding me every five minutes, I said I was too tired to move 2 hours ago.  So here is a quick dump of pictures from our Halloween weekend, starting with the kids' school party Friday evening.

 I don't know this little girl, but her costume was so cute I asked her mom if I could take a picture.

 Cheyenne and Isabella.

 Cheyenne with Tess.  Hopefully, an orthodontist will be called in soon.

 Elliott's pirate tattoo (which broke his heart by washing off the first time he went to the bathroom and washed his hands.)

 Rilla, who grabbed everything pink out of the dress-up bin.  By the time we got to the party, she had ditched the feather boa and the wings, but she still was pretty pink.  Especially after the face painting person gave her pink dots on her cheeks.

 A cute little cow.  He was perfectly content, sitting in his stroller watching all the crazy kids run around.  Which is very good, because Evan was working late and I took the four kids over by myself.  I'd like to think it's because I'm a good mom who didn't want to disappoint her kids, but it's mostly because they were selling cheap food there and I didn't want to cook supper.

 The coloring table.  Both Rilla and Elliott adore coloring.  I've let Elliott make his bedroom door into his own personal art gallery.  It is getting rather full of intricately-colored pumpkins.

 Sunday night, the kids carved jack-o-lanterns with Grandma and Auntie.  Lincoln liked putting the pumpkin goop back in the pumpkin.

 I'm not sure what expression that is on Cheyenne's face, but she thought gutting the pumpkins was kind of creepy.

 The kids with their (meaning Grandma's) creations.

 I'm so glad my mother-in-law has skill and patience in this area-- while the pumpkins were being carved, I got to sit and play Wordthief with Eun Hui, popping up once in a while to take pictures.

 Then, Monday morning was the school's Harvest Festival.  The kids dress up in costumes they make in school, revolving around a book they read.  Elliott's class was pumpkins-- I'm not sure what book they read about pumpkins.

 He finally spots us in the bleachers.  WAY up in the bleachers, which kept me in a near panic the whole time, trying to make sure I didn't drop Lincoln, Marilla, the jackets, my diaper bag, the camera, the keys Auntie was letting Lincoln play with... open bleacher seats seem like a rather poor idea in an elementary school.  Thank goodness Lisa and Marilyn were with us.

 A blurry picture of Cheyenne the Owl.

 Getting ready to go trick-or-treating Monday night.  Lincoln sees no reason not to start collecting candy at our house.

 Elliott with the lighted jack-o-lanterns.  The pink blur in the front of the picture was Rilla running by.

 We've added a cape and tiara to the pink outfit!

 So, a cat, a bumblebee, a pink princess, and an astronaut.

  Milling around the candy bowl.

 Setting off!  I planned on taking Lincoln to just our immediate neighbors' houses, but he had a grand old time and went all the way up the street with us.  At the first house, he tried to put the candy he had grabbed at home into the neighbor's candy bin, but he soon got the "Gimme!" idea down.  Not that he broke his vow of silence to actually ask for candy, but an outstretched hand seemed to do the trick.  Cheyenne soon met up with Tess and they went off together, so Marilla and Lincoln would often run up to the house before Lincoln could get there.  Once, I decided to just keep going to the next house instead of Lincoln belatedly following his siblings to the door-- nothing doing!  He wanted to visit every single house they did!  Of course, everyone went, "Awwww!" and gave him (read: Mummy) lots of candy.  He also insisted on carrying his own pumpkin.  At first, this was fine, but as we walked home, it was really heavy.  I finally had to let him open a lollipop so he would have something to hold on to while I carried the pumpkin.  All the kids came home with lots of candy, but I would have preferred Cheyenne to NOT come home with dog doo on her shoe.  Gross.

 Quite the capable astronaut.

Posing for a picture. 

Lots of other pictures from October, will have to work on that another night!  Hope you're all enjoying eating yourself into a post-Halloween candy stupor!


laura said...

Cute cute cute! Thanks for sharing! (:

Rebekah said...

Sounds and looks fun! We had a fun night too and now have lots of chocolate in the house! A good feeling it tis!

Mrs Starling said...

Your description of Lincoln trick-or-treating sounds word for word exactly like our version with Mateo. Timid at first, then figured out you get candy, wouldn't let go of his bag, didn't wanna come home, tantrum meltdown when we arrived home and to pry the bag from his fingers!! Cute pictures!