Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unpopular Decisions I Have Made Today

It is only 9:30 in the morning, and already I have made my name a hissing and a byword among several segments of the population.  Mostly the four young children at my mercy.

Decision #1:  Put Lincoln's blanket away when he's not sleeping.  Lincoln is quite attached to his soft blanket, which is quite fine with me in the context of snuggling to sleep.  However, when he drags it around with him all day long, I think it's excessive.  When I am sweeping the floor, and I have to stop a little monarch from dragging his cloak through the accumulated dust 15 times, it's annoying.  When I have to pick soggy Cheerios off the blanket after breakfast, it's off-putting.  And when I have to buckle a car seat around the blanket, it's too much.  So, blanket, enjoy your rest time in the top shelf of the bedroom closet.  And I'll enjoy Lincoln crying and clinging to my knee saying "Bain!" for the rest of the day.

Decision #2:  Take Marilla's Band-Aid off before 11 years have lapsed.  After listening to 15 minutes about how we were NOT going to take the Band-Aid off in the bath tonight, or this morning, or anytime, because it would hurt, I wrestled Marilla down and took the Band-Aid off.  Surprisingly, I didn't even draw blood.  It was quite encouraging, actually, because the strength with which she fought me off makes me think no one will ever be able to kidnap her against her will.  That skinny little girl has the strength and determination of an ox.

Decision #3:  Stop letting Cheyenne read stupid books.  I have never let Cheyenne read books that were out-right profane or inappropriate for a child, but I have fallen into the habit of letting her pick out her own library books.  However, when Evan and I realized that 90% of the books she picked last time were Goosebumps (kid horror), Sponge Bob Squarepants (from a TV show), Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Captain Underpants, we got thinking.  We don't let our kids watch television because it is full of stupidity, why let her gorge on a diet of books filled with stupidity?   I've really been conflicted about her reading the Wimpy Kid series for a while now.  It didn't sound bad at first (wimpy kid writes a diary about his life), but when I read some over her shoulder, I couldn't stand the main character.  He is self-centered, mean in a passive way, and utterly unredeemed by nice qualities, as far as I could see.  So I bagged up all the books in the aforementioned series to take back to the library, which Cheyenne found out this morning as she was browsing for a book to read at breakfast.  This decision was definitely NOT a popular one.  There was much stomping around, ameliorated only by one popular decision, to let her wear the high-heeled sandals Aunt Bet had bought for her at the thrift store to school today.

Decision #4:  Writing a pointless blog post before cleaning my house.  At least I'm assuming this will be unpopular with the adults in the house, me included, when I get to the end of the day and still have 13 bins of random stuff strewn about my bedroom, right where I plopped them in my mad cleaning-for-meeting rush yesterday.

Decision #5:  Writing a blog post that includes zero pictures of cute children.  Sorry, far-flung relatives!  I will get to that soonish!

Now, I'm off to evict widows and orphans, since I'm on a roll already...

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Sheena said...

How dare you not post pictures!!!! Just kidding. I hope you get as much stress relief out of blogging as I do. If I/we are having a not-so-perfect day, I just think, "I'll blog about this!" And then start writing up blogs in my head. Quite relaxing actually:) I hope your kids are kind to you for the remainder of the day.