Monday, July 16, 2012

Elsie June, and the Farm in June

This post is not chronological, since how can you prattle on about other things when there's pictures of a new niece to post??  (And, since I first started putting this post together weeks ago, I have another new little niece!  Unfortunately, since she's chilling with her folks in Colorado, I don't have any pictures of her.  I did, however, get to see her on Facetime, and she is completely adorable as well.  I do have exceptionally awesome nieces.)

Cheyenne of the Blue Lips, holding Elsie for the first time.  Very proudly.

Rilla being careful.

Then, Lily had to demonstrate her baby-holding prowess!  Elsie June is wearing a patriotic outfit because she was born on Flag Day.  Little Ava Lynn in Colorado was born on Friday the 13th-- these little girls like choosing portentous dates!

Tori holding Elsie for the first time.

Two pretty girls.

Gilbert, honing in for a kiss.

Elliott and Grandma checking her out.

I was surprised by how interested Elliott was in her.  He thinks she's amazing.

Lincoln getting in a quick hold.  I love the way he says "Elsie June!"

Aunt Ashley demonstrating she's a hit with the younger kids, too!

Lots of attention for the baby!

Dad playing with her piggy toes while Orianna holds her.

Dad never likes to hold babies.  'S'nawful thing.

All buckled up for the mile ride home.

What precious piggies!

When we weren't snuggling Elsie, there was lots happening on the farm.  This four wheeler was awaiting a chain tightening, so it was the kids' to play with in the interim.

Two drivers required!

Getting out Orianna's presents, a week after the fact.

Gilbert loved the big book of dog posters I found at the library book sale.  (I went to my library book sale on a Friday, then hit up the one at Mom and Dad's library on Saturday!  What fun!  No one even NOTICES anymore that they're still stacked up in crates in the boys' room!)

My pretty Mumsy.

Lincoln getting a better grip on Daddy.

Under the trees is the place to be!

Lily on the swing.

Ashely was on a smoothie kick that weekend, which was just fine with everyone!  Cheyenne is knocking one back here.

Hairdo by Summer Fun.

Pretty little blonde girl.

Lily's smoothie face!


Penny, looking wolfish.

Lincoln's new wheelbarrow, a birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa.  The presence of Scary Animals kept him from using it up North, though.

Lily with Princess the Cat.

Curls and sparkly eyes.  I adore this child.

Cool fungus growing out of the maple tree.

Jane, the calf.  A favorite with all involved.  Except maybe Owen, who bought her for a substitute calf for one of the beef cows.  The cow had no intention of accepting Jane, though, so now they have to feed her milk replacer for several weeks.

But the kids all think she's awesome.  And it's one step closer to Dad and Justin's dream of having a milk cow again.

Gilbert is willing to be a photography model.  He is totes adorb.

Lily-- a little mite of girl in a big chair.

Apparently, Livie commandeered my camera at this point, cause here I am!

Beauteous flowers.

Sunday afternoons are so haaaarrrrd!

Owen relaxing.

Ashley.  Wearing the flower she had whipped up the night before in her hair.

Lincoln, sticking close to Daddy's side.

My mummy is so pretty.

Funny little tongue.

Lincoln folding his hands, so no one would ask him if he wanted to pet the dog.  Or the calf.  Or the chicken.  Or the cat.  Lincoln loves farming.  In theory.

I'm sure she wasn't upset at me.

There's robins in the hole in the maple!

Owen shinnied up the tree to get this picture.  Pretty cool!  Unfortunately, not many of them managed to navigate the tricky task of learning to fly while avoiding cats.  So there's not many robins left in the tree.

A little photo op with Lincoln.  He was sitting on my lap, and he was so beautiful, I just kept clicking away.

This is my favorite.  I adore his little soft chin, his tree-reflecting eyes, his spiky eyelashes-- it's the background on my computer now.

We managed to hit up the playground for a little while.  The kids can't stay too long, though, in the heat and sun of midday.  Or maybe it's me that can't hack it.  Either way, it was a pretty short sojourn.

Livie is surprised/shocked/offended?  I don't know.

We went on a walk one glorious evening, and took lots of pictures.  We were trying to replicate a picture of Cheyenne holding this grass when she was four or five.  Of course, I can't find that old picture right now.  But she's still pretty.

Owen and Dad, out to round up the stray hay bales.

My two "first" babies.

See, Bet?  I took a flower picture!

Tori manning the camera.

Ain't she purty.

When you tip Livie upside down, I think we look alike.  Minus to adorable dimple on my part, of course.

Coming out of the apple grove.

Watching Owen put the sheep in the pen.

A little plane flying overhead.  Which always transports me straight back to Chugiak.  Sniff, sniff.

I wish this wasn't so blurry.  But they're still pretty.

Farm girl.

The barn.


Clouds.  Have I mentioned I love North Country Junes?

Owen and Ashley's house, seen from the lane up to the bus.  They're living in it now!  I think it's highly impressive that they managed to build this cool house on a shoestring.  They're amazing.

Okay, lots happening here, but I got pictures up at least.  Maybe some pictures and stories soon.  As you've probably learned about this poor blog, though: Don't hold your breath while you wait.

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