Sunday, August 5, 2012

May 2012, Part II

For Memorial Day weekend, we headed out to Dana and Marilyn's place. We hadn't been since the fall, and it was Mammy's 90th birthday!

Aunt Sally had brought the tunnel that her grandkids have outgrown, so Grandma and Grandpa helped the kids set that up.

The excitement!

Heading through!

It was a fun spot to sit-- until a sibling got annoyed that you were impeding progress.

Marilyn's peonies were in full bloom, so I had fun taking pictures.

A little ant in that one!

And a bee, maybe?

This was in the first couple hours that we got there, so Lincoln had a worried expression on his face as he followed me around the peony bed.  After a couple hours exploring, though, he settled right into the loveliness of a new house, new toys, and the same spoiling grandparents!  :-)

Grammy with all but one of her great-grandkids!

Quite the gorgeous bunch!  Mammy was so happy to see everyone!

Mammy with her three girls.

I'm glad I married into this family!

Someone apparently said something hilarious!

An attempt to get a family picture.  Not very successful, but here 'tis.

Cute little dude in his suit.

Us 'uns.  This is such a cute little bench and stone wall, but we've never really got a good picture here, not sure why.

Charlene and her kids.

Gathered around the fire pit Sunday night, after everyone was gone.

Lincoln on the deck.

The kids were REALLY into poking the fire.  While I tried not to freak out.

My two little kids love swinging on the swing this way.

Lincoln, baby in hand, checking out what Rilla is up to.

I tried taking a picture of the fire on this setting...

and this setting...

and this setting.  I wouldn't say any of them are a howling success.  I really need to learn how to use my camera better.

Sprinkler fun on Memorial Day!

This boy sure does love the water!  This water was COLD, but he wouldn't give in and quit!

Okay, officially wrapping up May.  I may get June/July done before the end of August!


Bethaney said...

Did the kids love the tunnel? I keep thinking it looks like fun for the kids, but I never want to bother with that much stuff taking up space in my house. And that is a pretty good family picture. Or maybe I am just used to our family pictures where someone is always looking at Penny off to the right, watching at a bug crawling up Mommy's skirt, looking vacant, bored and/or irritated or Elsie is fussing.

LJ said...

Love all the pictures. Plus, we spent many summer nights poking sticks in the fire. And we never got burned. And we still have all our eyes. ;-)