Friday, September 21, 2012

Wrapping up June

Today is the last day of summer, so maybe I should actually post these pictures I took in June and uploaded in August.  I'm on-the-verge-of-hysterics tired, but that's pretty normal these evenings, so why wait?

This was a picture I took to show the new furniture configuration in the boys' room.  I wanted to take more pictures of the other rooms, but I never got around to it.  This crib was replaced with a toddler bed soon after this picture.  My kids are all so big!

It's crazy to me how much bigger Lincoln is than he was in this picture three months ago.  The excitement on his face was because he was holding his new birthday book from auntie!  Lisa has made the kids lots of little albums over the years, they're always a hit!

Rilla with her exciting gift.

A new pair of Bitty Twins from American Girl Company!  I felt bad for her, always having to sneak the other kids' dolls when they weren't around.  She was given some money for a gift, and this seemed like the perfect time in a little girl's life to have two babies!

Horror because Lincoln might touch them!

Their names are Gosha and Ordin (or Cooper, depending on the day).  Lincoln didn't understand why he couldn't hold one, so he had to hold Elliott's Gilbert White to console him.

Cheesy grins!

Quite the loving little mama!

Lincoln with his birthday wheelbarrow.  He didn't want to play with it at Grandma and Grandpa's, since there were ANIMALS around to frighten him, but he sure loved it when he got home.

Cheyenne's "Aunt Bet Braid", with a flag ribbon in honor of Flag Day.  This ended up being the day Elsie was born, so it was good we had momentous hair!

Cute kids hugging the flag pole.

Cheyenne had a starring role in the second grade musical, "To Bee or Not to Bee".  Believe you me, the puns didn't end at the title.

Cheyenne was the Queen Bee (note the tiara!).

Cheyenne's buddy Alex.

And her friend Tess.

Singing the first song, which will forever be engraved on my psyche.  "When you wake up early on a sunny morn..."

And the first line: "Wanda!  Wanda!  Where IS that child?"

Later in the play, Cheyenne and Tess got to stand beside each other.

The Rock Star, Johnny Bee.

"Wanda" or Avery.

This little girl had a gorgeous voice...

Despite the inherent limitations in her apple tree costume.

Hector the Nectar Inspector.  Yeah, this play was great.

Cheyenne and Tess kept cracking up together.

This picture will be worth lots when this little girl is on American Idol someday.

Snacks in the cafeteria after the play!

Complete with neon punch!

They had spray painted Cheyenne's class year on the ground for a picture.  I'm sure it will be here before we know it!

Cheyenne and Tess.

Elliott, looking rather lost in a sea of taller kids.

Officially graduated!  I am SO glad we kept Elliott back for that extra year-- Kindergarten, Take Two went so well for him.  So far, first grade is going just fine, too!

Cheyenne's buddy Lydia stopped in for the day, enroute to her grandma's up north.

There was sprinkler fun, popsicles, and general giggles...

And Rebekah and I didn't stress ourselves out too much, either!  :-)

I've grown wiser (and busier) in the last couple of months, so I won't be posting extravagant promises about when the next time I'll post on here will be!  I am hoping that things will settle down here a bit, though so far this is one busy school year!  At least we're home this weekend, we'll see what happens!


Bethaney said...

I love the pictures of Rilla with her babies. Lincoln is looking older. And he is acting older too, as in actually liking Aunt Bet, so that is fun. Hector the Nectar inspector.... I am glad our school does not do yearly plays.

I can't believe June was three months ago.

Rebekah said...

You beat me girl...I still need to go back and do those June photos...I skipped and jumped in where I was in August. I will get some off to you as soon as I do! The kids and I had a fabulous trip and it was so nice to spend time with you. OH! And guess what...I'm making what you made for lunch, funny! Tomato soup and grill cheese the way you did it. :) Hugs! I so wished we lived closer to you all. That was a very uplifting time being home and have July 4th and Union mtg together.

Laura said...

Sigh. I'll just have to continue visiting daily and hoping for some titillating tidbits...even though I DO understand you have a gazillion immediate needs to tend to. (Did I just end that with a preposition?) which you must attend - is that right?