Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Boys' Room

My Elly-belly (yes, I realize he is too old to be called that) came back from a couple of weeks away with his grandma and grandpa. I know how much Elliott loves order and cleanliness, and how rarely he gets to appreciate them in this household, so I cleaned his room to a fare-thee-well on the day he came home.
The view from the doorway.

This was Elliott's birthday present this year-- a magnetic board for playing magnet-shoot!  Evan hung it on the wall for him.  ( I don't know why this picture is smooshed into a square-- it isn't if you click on it, but I can't make it behave.)

This is another birthday present that came belatedly while Elliott was gone-- how can we improve upon a present that involves Magnet Shoot AND Apple products??

The boys' beds.  Evan had also just hung up their IKEA wall lamps (known as "bug lights" in this family from the shape of the inaugural light we bought Cheyenne years ago).

Elliott's bed, with the play refrigerator and microwave at the foot.  The Minecraft poster is another present from Evan for a little boy who is a bit obsessed.

Lincoln's bed.  I just hung up the clock on the wall-- another thing Elliott loves to know is EXACTLY what time it is!  The play kitchen stove and sink cabinet sit at the foot of this bed.  The wide open space in the middle of the room often becomes a restaurant, with the addition of a folding little kids' table.

The boys' closet...

Which is where their bureaus hide.  Eventually, they might have clothes that require some more room, but by then the play kitchen will probably be relegated to the attic so the bureaus can march out into the room.

And that's one room in our house.  As soon as school starts, I won't have anything to do, so I can clean the house from top to bottom and take lots of pictures.  (Okay, now my side hurts from laughing).


Olivia Vaughan said...

What a handsome blue bureau in the closet! My my! I love that thing. Also, I'm glad Elliott's love for magnet shoot hasn't died with growing older. He's pretty great. Lincoln too. :)

Bethaney said...

Their room is so lovely! Love all that space.

Virginia said...

I love it! What a great kids' room!