Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's All Cody's Fault, Actually...

I've decided it's all Cody's fault that I haven't been updating my blog. Back when he was putting in the miles walking across the country, I had to get on my blog to update everyone on his progress. While I was sitting on the computer doing that, I would just put up a post on our family blog. Now that I'm just blogging about us Whites, I'm LAZY! Except it's not my fault, it's Cody's fault.

On the subject of Cody, he stopped by here on his way to Minnesota.

The kids enjoyed seeing him.

Cheyenne enjoyed seeing him, too, but she was too busy being a princess in a tower to pose with him. (Or maybe the DOLL was the princess-- the games all blur together in my mind.)

We totally treat Cody like company, as you can see by my house.

The kids posing on the motorcycle. Cheyenne is pouting because it is a group shot and not the glamorous solo picture she was envisioning when she climbed up there.

Rilla liked it.

A slightly happier Cheyenne, holding onto Rilla, who would not get off!

An artisanal motorcycle luggage rack, created by Cody and Justin. It incorporates hames from a horse harness, a horse shoe, chains, and more.

All welded together.

And, my favorite part, all braced with wrenches!

Elliott played the part of the patriot with Cody's flag while Cody got all geared up for the upcoming rain storm.

Cheyenne played the part of "Silly Girl". What is it with my girls and their tongues?

Cody, ready to hit the (long) road to Minnesota.

Last weekend, we headed out to Dana and Marilyn's to help Mammy and Aunt Diana pack. They are moving into a new house-- the first newly constructed house Mammy has ever lived in! It was lots of fun for me, since there were lots of guys to do the heavy lifting...

And cousins to play with Elliott and Cheyenne. Maggie is holding Elliott here. Taylor kept Cheyenne occupied walking their little dogs. Cheyenne was thrilled with the whole dog thing-- she now walks her stuffed giraffe around on a leash. Not sure why the giraffe got the starring role in the Dog Story, but that's the way it is!

Jennifer cooked a yummy meal to keep everyone going...

And Marilyn, Aunt Diana, Auntie Bea and Mammy set the rooms up as fast as the men carried in the furniture!

A nice sitting area in their daylight basement.

Caleb and David Weaver were on hand to help out.

Here's what the guys found in the back of the dryer! A little mouse that had committed hari-kari on the electrical wires somehow! Very gross but intriguing.

I went nuts with the camera Sunday morning. Dana has such beautiful landscaping at their place, with lots of places that beg for little kids to sit while I take their picture. Well, I could hear them beg... not sure Evan could.

Cheyenne on the swing.


All three kiddos. I love Marilla's hands on her cheeks.

Here's where I told the kids to "snuggle in to Marilla." Elliott went for the full-on hug.

She has truly edible feet.

Believe me, I'm being restrained and not putting all the pictures up. But how could I stop when the grass was so green, and her hair was so curly?

I'm hoping that's not really something going in her mouth. Dana had just fertilized the beds with goat dung from the neighboring farm, so the "ick!" factor could be fairly high.

Sitting next to Mommy on a stone bench.

No modesty, that child.

This is Marilla getting her fish kiss ready to return Mommy's kiss.

None of the family pictures came out great, but it has been six months since our last one-- I'll post the least worst one.

Focusing on the prima donna.

I hadn't noticed the fence post and barbed wire there when I posed the kids earlier-- maybe because they were shorter so it didn't show up. Anyway, it adds a certain something-something to the picture, don't you think?

Dana and Marilyn, the Grandparents with the Mostest.

Daddy and his kids.


And Elliott.

And Elliott. (I like taking pictures of this kid.) This was yesterday, during his marathon sandbox period. His fashion sense is impeccable. He's obsessed with that hat right now, but he doesn't like the brim obstructing his vision, so it's worn at this jaunty angle. Most of the day, he was wearing sunglasses, too, which really upped the coolness factor.

Evan kept busy yesterday, replacing the back door of our house. In this picture, he had already taken off the storm door. There was no sill to speak of between the two doors-- weeds poked up through. It was terribly drafty in the winter, and ugly.

The spiffy new version, wrapped in aluminum. (Evan got to use his aluminum break!) The sandstone pavers aren't exactly where they're going to go, but it was 8:00 p.m. by this point, so they're good enough!

One of my "fun" little projects lately. This picture doesn't even do it justice, but my guest bed was covered in all the outgrown/winter clothes for the whole family. We're talking a LOT of clothes. I finally finished packing up the winter coats, boots, hats, gloves, etc. Saturday, and that was four Rubbermaid containers full! I now have all the kids' summer clothes out, and I'm just working through putting the old clothes away, and getting the e-bay/Salvation Army things figured out.

This project was definitely more fun! I took the plunge and planted a container of herbs, something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have NO experience doing this, so I probably did it all wrong (you gardening people are saying, "GAK! She didn't REALLY put them in there that way!") but it's done and it makes me happy! I planted basil, sage, rosemary, greek oregano, mint, and lavendar.

Rilla stayed happy Saturday with her own project-- driving her father nuts with the corn-popper! I bought it at a garage sale for Elliott two years ago, and Evan thinks I'm certifiable for willingly bringing it into my house. He claims it's the kind of toy you give your sisters' kids or something, but never your own kids! I would rather listen to obnoxious toys than unhappy kids, though, and this keeps them happy for hours. Elliott used to be terrified of the vacuum, but once he had this to pretend he was vacuuming, he got over it. I had put the corn-popper away once Elliott got the little vacuum for his birthday, but I thought Rilla was at an age she would really enjoy it! I've made it an outside toy now so Evan doesn't have to listen to it constantly!

And that's (most) of the news from our happy little corner of the world!


Briana said...

i agree... always blame it on the little brother ;P
and your kids are stinkin' GORGEOUS!!!! thanks for the pics, hope you have a great day :)

Rebekah said...

Lovely pics!

I love your herb pot, that will be beautiful and oh so fun to use this summer!!

Chloe said...

Where in MN is Cody going? (We're in the southeast corner!)

Cecil and Amy said...

The picture of Rilla looking down while sitting on the wall really needs to be entered into a cute kid picture contest. Sooooo adorable!

Becky Gonce said...

Totally and completely adorable...LOVE the pictures of the kids and the family!