Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elliott the Builder!

Evan is going great guns, ripping siding off of our house. We can't think of anything to do with our vast cash reserves, so we're residing portions of the house. (It all started with a simple door replacement. It seemed so innocent!) Elliott is loving helping Daddy with his project. Here was his job Saturday.

Grab a (very light) piece of wood.

Haul it up the ladder.

Throw it in the dumpster.

Wait for appropriate praise.

Smirk, and descend the ladder.

That is some smirk.

Then, since Mommy wasn't having enough of a heart attack watching the dumpster routine, climb Daddy's REALLY tall ladder.

This is the outside wall of the kids' room that Evan is working on right now.

I actually love the old cedar shakes that are under the old aluminum siding.

Aren't they a great color? They are old, though, and most of the point of this project is that we could insulate the walls. Ripping the shakes off makes this easier.

Uncovering LOTS of bees' nests. No wonder I spent our first summer in the house freaking out-- we have an exterminator spray every summer now, keeping me sane.

Rilla got in the climbing spirit.

"Look, Daddy is busy thinking about building and is ignoring the fact I've been climbing in and out of the stroller while Mommy was on her walk!"

We had quite a bit of rain Saturday, so Evan didn't get as much done as he would have liked. The kids sure did enjoy "helping" him, though! It's cool here again today, hard to believe it was so hot in April!

I got a lovely foretaste of the next twenty years this evening. Cheyenne was crying while doing her homework, assigned to her on Friday, of tracing her name on a worksheet. Excuse me, FIVE worksheets with several repetitions of her name on each page! I thought it was just a tad much for a weekend homework, considering the child is in preschool (and already prints her name just fine). Of course, I should have stood over her and made her finish it earlier in the weekend, but I think the things she did all weekend (go on scooter rides while I took a walk, help Evan clean up siding, go to library story hour, play imaginative games for hours on end with her brother, take a snuggly nap with me in between meetings today) were more important than busy work. I know it will only get worse! I love the book, "The Homework Myth" by Alfie Kohn. (He wrote an article for Education Week that is a quick overview of his point).

Elliott made Evan and I laugh today in the car (me in a "I love you, Elliott" way, Evan in a "Wow, here's proof of what I have to live with" way!) Evan was fooling around and braked hard when we entered a speed zone. From the back seat we heard, "Evan! Evan! Evan! Pay attention! Drive careful! I mad at you!" (I truly don't know where the "I mad at you" statement came from, but the rest is spot on!)

My goal tomorrow is to do laundry, and put it away, all on the same day. I don't really have a lot of faith in my ability to meet this goal. In fact, if I get the laundry away before the next wash day I feel like Supermom. Who knows, though, tomorrow may be the day I conquer empires! It would probably help if I went to bed now...


Becky Gonce said...

well you could get laundry done and nothing else! I feel lucky to get the dishes done once a day! and tomorrow we are taking a train tour in Skagway so NOTHING is going to get done and we leave in a week for Convention with a Princess House party on Friday!! AGGG. what was I thinking??? =-)

Mochas, Mountains and Moby Wraps said...

Looks like you have a climber, too! I love the picture of her standing in the stroller. Our house had cedar shakes like that - we also took them off to insulate and then put on vinyl siding but we re-cycled the non-painted ones and sided our leanto making a "Hawaii room" (kindof) - they look really neat there but I wonder how many varmints nests are hiding there ...
The scrunchies idea came from a day when I put a scrunchie on her wrist and she was fascinated with it and with taking it off/on - I thought - hey! wrists, ankles, toes ... on/off plus in/out of the bag ... plus hooking them together and unhooking them ... etc - we'll try it out at conv. in a couple weeks and let you know. =)

Maggie May said...

i enjoyed reading through your blog. i'm pregnant with our fourth, and 'Clover' is on our name list :)

Kariza said...

Wish you were here at Juneau too. Your niece and nephew are sitting right behind the sisters. I guess this afternoon li'l Levi went to grab my candy sitting by me. I didn't have a clue. He sounds so cute when we sing the grace. Take care!

Rick Woldenberg, Chairman - Learning Resources Inc. said...

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