Saturday, June 6, 2009

Skip the Clean House (and the Blogging!)

Yeah, today was the day I was going to blog in the morning and then clean my house like an avenging fury. Instead, I helped Evan blow insulation into the walls of our previously insulation-free house!This was my post-- opening up bales of cellulose insulation and feeding them into the blower. Marilla IS part of the setup here-- about 1/2 the time she was sitting on my hip. Evan took pity on his vampire wife and rigged up the umbrella there. Of course, despite putting on suncreen and trying to stay under the umbrella, my neck still got sunburned. Ouch!

My snazzy paraphernalia. A face mask is miserable, and safety glasses are miserable, but together they're deadly. Anytime you breathe out, the air goes up besides your nose and fogs up the glasses! (On another note, my house is so bad right now that this would have been appropriate attire had I cleaned house today.)

Evan got to drill holes in the top and bottom of every stud bay and feed the insulation hose in. Once he got up on the roof to do the walls of the kids' room, it seemed a good idea to him to take the kids up there. I tried not to have a nervous conniption, and the kids tried to see how often they could stand up and be told, "Sit down!"

They were quite pleased with themselves.
As was Evan, Master of All He Surveys. He's especially proud now that he's Master of a 3/4-insulated house! (We're saving the back of the house for next year, since there's a whole other set of projects to do back there.)

Rilla, on the other hand, was worn out and sad. Poor little bunny did pretty well considering Mommy was tethered to a machine all afternoon. Today was a morning nap only, which didn't fit in with parental plans real well. This picture was at the very end, when all hope of a normal world seemed evaporated in Marilla's eyes. She had stayed quite happy pushing her little shopping cart around the driveway and watching Elliott and Cheyenne meddle in Evan's work trailer most of the day. Despite the dust and work that was today, it is a very good feeling to think our little house might stay somewhat warm this winter without the furnace running non-stop.

Now that I've written a little, I really should go make some semblance of order in the kitchen and other essential area. I was remembering the naive, smug person who posted this post just a few short months ago (scroll down to the paragraph that starts, "I have always been a fairly organized person...")-- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! On that note, nighty-night.

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