Friday, September 18, 2009

Life In A Routine (We Like It!)

Cheyenne, who started out for the first day of school with such joy, was not happy when she came home. I think it may have been because she had to cross the street in front of the bus, which terrified her. Anyway, whatever started it off, there was lots of tears that first night.

There was also the phrase, "Nothing. It was boring." to the the question, "What did you do today?" I tried asking specific questions like, "What did you have for lunch? Did you see Alex? Did you read any books?" But the school day was not up for discussion.

Thankfully, since then, each day has been easier, as Cheyenne gets used to the routine, and isn't quite so tired at night. She wore her hair in a bun the other day, and it fell out halfway through the day. Her hair is getting so long.

And full of ringlets. And redness, though it doesn't show it in this picture.

These coy pictures are as she's telling me about the boy, Alexander, (not to be confused with Alex, her friend that's also in her class) and how he thought she was so pretty and wanted to kiss her. She told him "no" thankfully. Alexander seemed particularly smitten with the long, loose hair. I think I will braid it tightly every day until she is 31.

She has a best friend now, Tess. I'm glad she's found a girl to be friends with, this boy thing was getting fraught!

Tess came over to play last Saturday. She lives right down our road. Elliott got to eat lunch with them, which somewhat salved the hurt over me not letting him in the room while they were playing Polly Pockets.

"Um, Cheyenne, your weird mom is taking pictures of us?" "Yeah, that happens all the time."

Tess and Cheyenne are just nine days apart! (Tess is younger).

It's interesting to see how the kids have adjusted to Cheyenne being away all day. I think Elliott likes being the big boss.

They enjoyed the sandbox all through this gorgeous week. I'm not sure I enjoyed the amount of sand that was spread through the house as a result, but it was worth it to keep them happy.

Rilla relaxing in a lawnchair, singing away with her "hymnbook." All books are hymnbooks. She likes books.

Elliott, getting S'Mores for a snack. Do you know, I never had a S'More until Labor Day Weekend? I'm not a huge marshmallow fan, so I didn't think I would care for them, but mmmm.... they are GOOD! (Note to self: put marshmallows on the grocery list... again.)

Elliott, reacting to sticky marshmallows.

That hand blur seems to be his signature move while being photographed.

Elliott spends lots of time reading. Richard Scarry is a favorite right now.

When Cheyenne does come home, Elliott and Marilla are ecstatic.

They were into art this day.

Cheyenne displaying Elliott's artwork-- she had written his name on it. She told me, "He did a very beautiful job."

This displaying-art gig is serious work.

Daddy got into the trains last night.

"Evan, you can play with the trains by yourself-- I really need to put the kids to bed!"

Tonight, Auntie and Rosemary are here. Alex's family also brought over a bag of goodies for the kids, which contained bubbles!

Auntie kept them all happy for a long time, blowing bubbles for them to chase.

Rilla kept trying to lick and/or kiss the bubbles. Lisa was laughing at the difference between boys and girls-- Elliott was running around, seeing how quickly he could stomp on lots of bubbles. Rilla would squat down beside a bubble and delicately stretch out one finger to touch the bubble!

I like taking picture of my kids.

And taking pictures of random objects.

Random Object #1. My African violet. I divided it to give half to Mom on Mother's Day. Her half is blooming extravagantly, but mine hasn't bloomed since. It had bloomed continuously since I got it in 2005 or 2006, and now I don't have a single bloom. I wonder if Mom would notice if I switched them next time I went up there.

Random object #2. We got a Coca-Cola glass from McDonald's the other day. And my husband uses it to drink Pepsi. I'm surprised the glass doesn't shatter in protest.

I want to post pictures and status updates on the porch, but maybe there'll be tons of progress tomorrow. And I won't be so astoundingly tired then. So, goodnight!


Susan said...

Great kid pics!

Becky Gonce said...

Wow, you have had fun! Love all the kid picts.. you are a great photographer! also love Cheyenne's red hair... Hope Aubrey's is like that! Carson loves Richard Scarry too. He has 3 Huckles now and I made him a Lowly worm for his b-day. I need to post picts...