Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swing Days (A While Back)

We were supposed to head north last weekend for Lily's birthday party. Some coughs and colds at the Cotten household, combined with the drastic need for Evan to get some work done on the house, meant we didn't get to go. After bawling for half an hour, I got over it and had a nice weekend! Dana and Marilyn came out, and Dana helped Evan tremendously on the house. Marilyn did my dishes all weekend, played Polly Pockets until I'm sure her eyes bubbled, and went apple picking with the kids and I. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for the trip to the orchard!

Thankfully, even though I didn't get any pictures of Lily on her birthday, I still have lots of pictures of the cousins. These pictures are all from the week Gilbert came home. I had posted pictures of him, but hadn't gotten around to putting up pictures of the other cute little bugs!

Tori earning stars in her crown, being Super Aunt!

Happy girl.

Elliott's grin.

Marilla is holding Lily or Orianna's baby. They were a gift to the girls for being new big sisters, but Marilla doesn't really recognize their ownership. They were graceful little girls and let Marilla carry the babies around the whole time.

Olivia (once again) was taking pictures for me with my camera, and something funky was going on with the light metering. Makes them look sorta artistic, though!

Especially with a little wind-blown Lily!

While Aunt Clover was watching them, Bet's poor girls did NOT get the cool hairstyles and outfits they normally have. I pulled it together enough to do their hair on the day Gilbert came home, and that was about it!

I was an equal opportunity neglecter, though. Cheyenne's hair obviously hadn't been touched that day.

Pensive beauty.

Playing in the muddy tarp.

Much nicer when they played in the green grass.

Sturdy Cheyenne legs.

The trapeze was everyone's favorite swing.

Exposing pinchy legs.

Elliott had his turn...

As did wild-haired Lily...

And Marilla.

Not only were the kids gorgeous, the day was spectacular.

As was the farm.

I love North Country skies!

Marilla with the doll-- definitely a theme of this weekend.

This tent was also key.

It was set up in the garage, so Elliott could play in it without having to contend with Dogs.

Gauzy Orianna.

Cody's Bronco. I didn't get a shot of the open flames shooting underneath whenever he started it. Cody's friend, Tyler Parrent, and Owen were checking it out for him.

Heading out for a walk, even though it looks like she's about to fall asleep standing up.

Marilla's fashionable outfit. I hadn't really brought up warm clothes, and it was quite nippy, so we resorted to blanket sleepers.

Mother Cheyenne, soothing Marilla as we wait to start out on our walk.

While we were gathering up five kids for a walk, Owen was going up to check hay. Checking hay is way more fun if you can drive your motorcycle there.

Tori and Olivia, Hay Girls Extraordinaire.

Yeah, the girls are actually unloading hay; the three guys are talking and standing.

As big a dork as Cody's friend Tyler is, his son is cute. Ethan and Elliott were due just a couple of weeks apart, but Elliott jumped the gun by a few months.

The 886 in a field of hay that I raked. First time I had raked hay in 16 years!

Sorta, kinda, straight rows, too!

Archie, The Dumb Dog.

Cheyenne and Elliott both thought they were the only ones allowed to push the strollers, which meant we didn't make real good time.

Cheyenne with some grass she thought was pretty!

Dad coming, towing a wagon.

Rocky, the Belgian.

Lily and Grandpa.

Lily's luscious cheek in profile.

Lots of guys checking out the barn. (That's an old sign for the farm from the former owners, not the current name!)

The pig, Roast, checks out his new accomadations. (This is the same pig that we all ate happily Labor Day weekend).

Suzy's piglets, Cheyenne's favorite things about the farm at the moment.

Rilla is ready to be a farm girl.

Right down to the hat.

The next evening, we took the kids over to the playground at the elementary school.

Myself, pontificating on something to Mom.

Rilla liked throwing wood chips.

Olivia, gracefully rising from her fall!

Even the big girls got turns on the swing!

It's just as much fun to climb up the slide as it is to slide down!

Of course, the highlight of the weekend was Mr. Gilbert coming home.


And the Mom.

Now I'm hoping we can get up soon to watch the cousins have fun together!


Alaskan Vaughans said...

Thanks for all the fun photos!! Someone here or there needs to buy a private plane so we can see you all more often! =) Only stinky part about AK, longs ways from family. Sure miss you! ~lisa

Farmers Wife said...

Cheyenne must be her aunt's daughter, thinking grass is pretty! ;) Great pictures! I had other comments on the pictures, BUT I don't remember them. You should come up.... DO it!

Kelly K said...

Great post. I LOVE the picture of Cheyanne with the pretty grass. I love how her eye is framed by it. Nice capture on that one. =)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Thanks, Kelly, I love that picture, too! Yeah, she's definitely Bet's niece in that respect, loving grass! :-)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Beautiful children! Loved the pictures.

olivia said...

you know, until you said that thing about the girls doing hay and the guys doing nothing, i didn't notice it in any of the pictures or at the time. guess i'm used to it...