Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life with Lincoln

Today was the day I was predicting for my little baby's birth-- and instead, I have an eight-day old baby on my hands!

The week before Lincoln was born, Bethaney brought her kids down for a few days to help me cook some food to freeze and generally get ready for a new baby.

It was hot out, which was just fine for the little kids who liked swimming! As you can see, Marilla was NOT in the pool. For some reason, she was scared of getting in the pool. A couple of days after this, by telling Marilla she could get in the purple "bath", Marilla became an ardent swimmer!

Then, for the saintly part of this story, Bethaney stole all three of my children and hauled them north for Memorial Day weekend! Here are the six kids, packed into my van for the trip.

Lily, Elliott and Marilla in the back seat...

And Orianna, Gilbert and Cheyenne in the middle seat. And if you've ever tried to fit six car seats in a 2001 Chevy Lumina, you will know the effort required to pack these kids all in!

The kids were gone from Thursday night until Sunday evening. Evan and I had a wonderful time being a childless couple for a little bit. We went out for a leisurely dinner, did some projects around the house, and slept a lot! By the time the kids came back with Mom and Olivia Sunday night, we were quite ready to see them!

One of the projects we had done was setting up a toddler bed for Rilla.

She was rather pleased with herself! She's done great-- no getting out of bed when she's not supposed to be out!

Monday, Evan and Olivia took the kids into our village for the Memorial Day parade, such as it was. Elliott was decked out in red, white and blue, as were the other two.

Ribbons in Rilla's hair for the first time!

Squinchy-nosed baby girl!

As you can see, they weren't exactly competing with throngs of people for a street-side seat.

They were home within twenty minutes of leaving, but they had fun.

When the temperature hit 98°, we decided it was time for chocolate milkshakes!

This is the bouquet Evan bought me the day Lincoln was born. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful flower display-- and he even picked out the chunky pottery pitcher it was in!

Little boy sleeping in my arms one day.

Can't you just see the brilliance in that brow?

The kids' cousins, Katie and Wilson, sent Lincoln Logs, for a very appropriate present to commemorate Lincoln's birth!

Elliott is totally enthralled with them, studying the directions and building all sorts of structures.

Lincoln curled up with Daddy.

Lincoln's first bath was the social event of the week.

He was less than impressed with it all, but his siblings watched carefully!

Little wrinkly face, sleeping.

Grandpa Dana's birthday was Saturday. We couldn't keep the candles lit, because there was such a gorgeous wind blowing through that open door.

Mom and Dad came down Friday night and stayed for the day Saturday.

It's a shame Lincoln doesn't have doting grandparents-- he had all four of them here for supper Saturday night.

Yup, Lincoln is well-liked.

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Becky Gonce said...

Fun FUN!!! Thanks for the update, I can't imagine how busy/tired you are! YOur parades sound like ours... our holiday parade consists of the ambulance, 3 fire trucks and a snow dragon... that's it! Oh well, the kids love to ride in the fire truck!