Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father of Four!

Evan, with his four kids.

I think he's pretty good at this Daddy stuff-- look at him juggling all four adriotly!

It's been awhile since I've had time to put pictures up. Mr. Lincoln is sleeping, which is usually my signal to hightail it to bed so there's a chance of me functioning tomorrow. Tonight, though, I'll just face the specter of sleep deprivation and show off my new baby and his siblings!

Lincoln with his great-grandmother.

Lincoln loved Mammy-- he was only five days old, but he spent the whole visit gazing at her and just laying calmly in her arms. He also snuggled Aunt Diana, I'm glad they could stop by on their way back from Western New York.

The morning before Marilyn left (after spending many days here, allowing me to sleep and snuggle my baby!), I used Lincoln's naptime and went to the book sale at our library. Here are Elliott and Cheyenne, examining my purchases.

Perfect little baby.

He really is a nice-featured little baby--note his handsome cleft chin! I still haven't got a picture of the dimple in his right cheek, but I'm looking forward to seeing it more when he smiles a lot!

Cheyenne reading to Elliott and Marilla. I love the fact that she put her arm around Elliott-- and that he let her!

Beautiful girls!

The finished shed! Well, almost finished-- Evan's going to do a bit more, making it more efficient for storage-- but it looks done to me, and the tarp-covered piles of lumber that were hogging my backyard are now safely indoors, and I don't have to look at them!

We have lots of rabbits in our neighborhood, and my kids are fascinated by them. This one is sitting beside our neighbor's house.

The kids are trying to entice it over with handfuls of grass!

I love this pose!

Elliott, immersed in Curious George books.

Bet brought her kids and Olivia and Tori down for a few days last week.

The shed's ramp is now the Cool Place to Be.

Rilla, running back by the shed. The leftover pile of pea gravel is still a kid magnet.

We went to the school one night for the Parent Volunteer Ice Cream Social, so Bethaney took our picture when we were all semi-clean and in decent clothes.

Daddy with his boys.

Lincoln slept through the whole photo shoot.

My little downy chick!

Eating strawberry shortcake.

Three gorgeous cousins!

Taking big, silly bites of strawberries.

Rilla is wearing a shirt that I had as a kid-- one of dad's friends was an artist, and he made that shirt when I was a baby!

Friday was Cheyenne's class picnic. It was a bit of work, making lunches and then carrying them into the school while hauling Lincoln and herding the other two kids. We made it, though, and only about 5 minutes late!

Cheyenne, wearing her orange shirt on the orange slide!

Grandma Marilyn had made her that beautiful, citrusy-colored skirt, and I finally found a nice bright shirt to go with it.

Cheyenne found this tiny little turtle in our back yard one night.

I should look into what kind of turtle it was-- I'm assuming it was a baby turtle, but maybe it's just a breed that doesn't get too big?

Yesterday was nice and hot, so Daddy got out the sprinkler. Cheyenne and Elliott loved it...

Marilla? Not so much. Notice she's standing on DRY dead grass-- she wanted nothing to do with the water.

Elliott's usual "Take a picture of me!" request, after taking a picture of all of them with Evan today.

I love Lincoln's disgusted face-- he manages to wrap a lot of disdain up in that look!

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Lisa said...

Fun fun! I don't think Lincoln looks like Levi at all, he reminds me a LOT of Cheyenne as a baby, tho!