Friday, July 9, 2010

Four Beautiful Kids Today

You're going to have to trust me on the title of this post, because I cannot upload pictures, try as I may. I have a new computer, and I don't have software that will resize pictures in a format so I can put them up here. I could rant about the uselessness of most photo-management software, but I will abstain. Suffice it to say that I am on the verge of tears over trying to put five pictures on a blog-- which is kind of ridiculous!

Other than nefarious software, life is going good here. After a high of 104° yesterday, we are finally getting some rain and cooler temperatures. I can't really whine about the high temperatures, since we have lovely central air conditioning, and the biggest strain on me the last week, temperature-wise, has been reminding the kids to keep the patio door closed! I am glad to see cooler temperatures, though, so they can play outside more.

Cheyenne went on a trip with Grandma and Grandpa Vaughan this weekend, down to Philadelphia for my Aunt Emma's 90th birthday party. Since we drove 6 hours last weekend to the Chappell family reunion in New Hampshire last weekend, it seemed too much to drive on a long trip again this weekend, but I would have enjoyed seeing everyone down there.

Lincoln is growing by leaps and bounds, he is smiling a lot now. He's quite a good little baby, and he slept for a six hour stretch last night! Of course, that meant I started waking up frequently to check on him after the first three hours, but it's a good sign of him growing and maturing. He is a cuddly little boy, he is currently nestled on Daddy's chest while Daddy uses his laptop.

I've got lots of pictures I want to post, and lots of events to tell about, but I should probably go to bed. Maybe if I get enough sleep, tomorrow I can sally forth and conquer the world of photo software!

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The McCoys said...

6 hours!!! Not fair :) Jane hasn't given me more than 4, but to be fair she's a mite smaller than Lincoln, just over 9 lbs at her 6 wk visit on Wednesday. Hope you get your photo software figured out - I've always just 'managed' my pictures in file folders on the computer, never got too fancy with anything... This heat has been horrible - so glad for A/C. I'm just hoping we're getting our hot spell in now and not at conv time! Take care!