Friday, December 3, 2010

November 2010

It is insane how long it takes me to assemble a blog post these days. Unfortunately, the blazing upload speeds I somehow stumbled upon last post were not around for this one. I uploaded all the pictures Friday night, and it is still taking me until now to write on here.

Part of the reason is that Evan is working out of town, so the Amazing Bedtime Daddy isn't around, and getting four kids into bed is MUCH harder by myself. And I hadn't noticed lately how often it's only after Lincoln snuggles in Daddy's arms for a while that he falls asleep. At the moment, though, they're all sleeping. Hopefully, sleeping peacefully. Cheyenne came into my room when I was feeding Lincoln tonight, and her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were huge. She'd been reading the book, "The Happy Hollisters" which is a MYSTERY, and apparently a fairly scary mystery to an almost-seven-year old. She had to tell all about it, and put in a bid for sleeping with Mommy. I squashed the co-sleeping idea, since Lincoln takes up enough room in the bed many nights, but I loved seeing her so into a book. Makes me proud!

As always, when I put up pictures from a while ago, I'm probably forgetting everything that I didn't photograph. My photo-taking speed is quite different than the childless Clover's speed was. So, probably leaving out lots of November happenings, but here's some of them...

Our neighbors, the Laceys, generously drive Cheyenne home from school every day with their son, getting Cheyenne home about 45 minutes earlier than she would otherwise. They also hit the after-Halloween sales and bought outfits for the kids to use for dress-up.

A beautiful little butterfly.

This is right after nap, so Marilla has "messy hair" as Elliott says with disgust.

Cheyenne as a cat.

She had to accesorize the outfit with her current favorite thing-- "high" heels!

We used some washable black marker to complete the look.

Elliott the pirate.

Giving the ol' stink-eye!

Lots of dancing around in their costumes!

HOW can this child be so kissable??

Three friends.

My little baking helpers one day.

Looking so grown-up with her ponytail.

This boy's cheeks inspire paeans of praise.

Dressing up again a couple of days later.

I usually crop pictures so there's not a lot of extra floor or wall showing-- but lately, pictures of bare floor are so rare and treasured, that I'm leaving it all in!

Cheyenne making sure that Rilla's boots are visible.

Cheyenne's portrait of the two kids and I-- need to work a bit on framing the picture! Sure captured the crazy-eyed look in Mommy, though!

Lincoln is enjoying his exersaucer.

He also enjoys his sister. Usually.

We hit up the children's museum again over Veteran's Day weekend. This time, we took Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie and Angela.

Rilla, enjoying herself.

Cheyenne is still fascinated with being the cashier.

Elliott with his cart.

Rilla in the television studio. I don't think she noticed the cameras, she just loves playing in the kitchen.

Our good little buddy. It was funny to notice, though, in the month that elapsed between our visits, how much more he was NOT happy to just be strapped into his stroller.

Airline pilots are getting pretty glamourous these days.

We went into the butterfly garden, too.

The light was a little funky, but when I tried to mess with the white balance, my battery died.

Turtles, too!

I don't know what plant this is, but it was beautiful in the late afternoon sun that was coming in the windows.

Rilla with the kids' favorite thing in the world, currently-- Grandma's iPod Touch.

I have the iPod Touch Evan won at a trade show this summer, but I'm more selfish with it than Grandma. I love having it, but it's one of those things that I could never justify buying, so I need to keep it safe. As I tell the kids, "It's I touch, not u touch." I crack myself up.

Evan and Justin decided to build a sugaring shack at Mom and Dad's place the week of Thanksgiving. They are pouring the slab here.

Of course, it's 28°, instead of the 58° it was the day before.

Owen must be the foreman here.

Cody, full in the throes of No-Shave November.


Olivia took this picture on my camera. It's a viewpoint I've taken pictures from many times, it's an encaspulation of the farm for me.

Then, Thanksgiving! Or, as it's known in our family, Stuff-yourself-silly-with-28-other-people-in-a-smallish-house.

Connie feeding Gilbert sweet potato before the meal.

Three Vaughan girls.

Daddy carving the turkey, and Ashley bringing one of her contributions in.

Elliott, sort of keeping out of the way.

I was helping Dad carve the turkey-- I transferred it to the platter as he cut it. Which means I got to pop bits in my mouth occasionally.

Cheyenne, being goofy.

Dear, dear, such disrespect. She must be practicing up for Perry's arrival.

Yup, this is definitely the look she kept in store for Perry. She just completely HATED being teased about her red hair and missing front teeth. That's why she stayed close to him the whole day.

Gilbert with his daddy, and his ever-present friend, the thumb.

You think these two are related?

The somewhat civilized section, Cody excepted, of course.

Five Vaughan girls.

Hard to get a good picture of all of us. At least in this one, Bethaney's only biting her lip funny.

Lincoln was wearing a mechanic suit that Tyler Vaughan wore when he was a kid.

Music, Friday night.

Cheyenne, the Skip-Bo queen. Cheyenne and Orianna beat the pants off Lindsey and Bethaney. We played Skip-Bo, Progressive Rummy, Scrabble, Garbage, Settlers of Cataan, Word Thief, Labrynth, and lots more.

Gilbert likes Uncle Cody.

The pho-tog.

I wanted some pictures of my handsome little dude, so Rilla jumped in, too!

She was concerned that he wasn't facing me.

Man, they're both cute!

And speaking of heart-breaking adorableness, here's Gilbert when he fell asleep in Justin's arms.

I know there's lots of other things I'd like to pontificate on, but by the time I get ready for bed now, Lincoln will probably be ready to eat again! Cheyenne had a one-hour delay this morning, and it hasn't stopped snowing all day, so we're hoping for a snow day tomorrow! Although there's nothing like living in a snow belt to bury your chances of getting a snow day-- I think we could get three feet and they'd still keep the school open!

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Cecil and Amy said...

Thanks for all of the good pictures! I was glad to see Perry and Aaron, mostly to see what length Aaron's hair was nowadays!!!

I'm a bit concerned, however, about your father. It was a balmy 28 degrees and he had on a jacket. Has he been feeling well lately?!?!?