Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow Day

It's getting dark now, but I'm loath to turn on the lights because I love the look of the house when there's snow on the ground, reflecting light in here.

And boy, is there snow. This was yesterday...

And this was this morning. By this afternoon, there was 25 inches of (compacted) snow on our back deck. (You know you live in a snow belt when you keep a yardstick by the patio door so you can measure the snow purely to brag about how much snow you have.)

Cheyenne had a one-hour delay yesterday, and an actual snow day today! I'm all for her having snow days, since I found out last year that they don't give the kids extra time off at Memorial Day or anything if they don't use their snow days. Might as well use them all!

We've had a cozy day inside. I made six pie crusts-- four to freeze for later, and two for a raspberry pie for Evan. Unfortunately, my living room looks like four active children have had a screen-free indoors day. There are Little People enclaves, blanket tents, Lincoln Log towers, excess pillows, and more. We're going to have to bustle around a little before Daddy gets home so he can walk up the stairs! We're going to be rather glad to see Daddy after an absence of 52 hours. Not that we're counting.

These are the only pictures I took of Lincoln the day he turned six months. (What day is that? It isn't a birthday, maybe a "six-month anniversary".) Notice how he's getting up on his knees, thinking about crawling.

He's a little optimistic, since he hasn't even figured out the forward speed to creeping. He's pretty good at scooting backwards, though!

My four luscious kids after meeting Sunday.

Silly babies.

We went shopping Saturday, and despite the fact we don't have any weddings or glamorous occasions in the forecast, Evan and I couldn't pass up this suit for Elliott. It was on sale, so it was practically obligatory that we buy it. Especially after he tried it on and we saw how cute he looked.

Stylish children.

Cheyenne and her buddy.

Hmm, time to start that aforementioned whizzing around so Daddy doesn't come home to a madhouse!

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