Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pros/Cons of Today

Bad Things:

  • Having to leave the farm this morning.
  • Coming home to see we had had a flood in the entryway.
  • Having to sort a week's worth of wash, way too much of it involving baby/toddler's bodily fluids.
  • Seeing lots of mouse dirt in the house, but no dead mouse in the traps we had so cleverly set before we left.
  • Being too tired to post all the pictures from Rilla's birthday and our weekend.

Good Things (A Much Longer List, Thankfully!)

  • Coming home to a warm house and a clear driveway, since Evan came home earlier in the day than I did.
  • Seeing that the flood in the entryway didn't really wreck anything besides a pack of paper napkins.
  • Having a beautiful day with a clear blue sky to drive home.
  • Being glad to be home in our cozy house.
  • Listening to baby chortles from the back seat while driving.
  • Calling my brother Tyler and being able to gloat over the fact I was stopping at Jreck Subs for lunch.
  • Watching Lincoln re-explore the house after a weekend away.
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment after moving everything out of the entryway and washing all the rugs.
  • Two big suitcases unpacked, all the laundry sorted!
  • A yummy supper of spicy buttermilk chicken, jasmine rice, corn and homemade coleslaw.
  • Enjoying a little extra time with my Cheyenne while the other two big kids ran errands with Daddy.
  • The sight of wrinkled baby toes after the kids' bath tonight.
  • Going to bed with a clean kitchen and dining room table.
  • Looking at my sister's Iditarod pictures on Facebook, and the pictures another sister posted of this weekend.

On the whole, life is good.

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Lisa said...

Been quite a week here- all the kids with prolonged puking and diahrea! Need to check out FB pictures, probably not today. Held Andy ALL day yesterday, literally- and he's sick again today. Glad for a good washer & dryer and septic finally fixed, we're probably going to wear out all the towels/blankets/clothes/washing machine by the end of the week! =)