Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Map of Our Travels

I have always wanted to keep track of the states that Evan and I have been to (together), and I just found a place that builds that kind of map for you. So here is the official map. (EDITED: For some reason, I can't see the full map when I look at my post, so maybe other people can't, either. If you right click on the map, and say "View Image", you can see the whole thing. A little bit frustrating!)

create your own personalized map of the USA

Apparently, we don't like the Plains States. Or the Deep South. Or, CT or RI?? (Hello, Parson family, we'll be visiting soon.) Anyway, most of these states we visited on our epic Trip from New York to Alaska via Texas in 2001. Since we've had kids, we haven't added a whole lot. Maybe it's a good time to start planning the Epic Road Trip of 2021.

Evan has visited many of the white states, when he drove to and from Alaska. (I was working while he drove up, and I flew down with baby Cheyenne when he drove our stuff back here.) I have been to Montana and Wyoming as a teenager, but I think it's fun to keep track of where we go on family vacations. Plus, this will just solidify the need to visit Hawaii for our 12th anniversary.

It's kind of funny that I'm posting this map during a very home-bound stage of my life. Monday, I had to take Lincoln into the doctor because he had had a fever for over a day. The doctor wanted to rule out pneumonia since Lincoln had been in contact with Grandpa Dana when he had pneumonia, so we had to drive into town to get a chest X-ray. Cheyenne was in school, so I only had three kids with me, but everyone still looked at us and made comments like we were the Beverly Hillbillies. Apparently, there aren't many large families anymore! Anyway, the whole trip reinforced my belief that it is much easier to just stay home than to take kids anywhere. Unless it's sugaring time up North, where we're headed this weekend!

Lincoln is going to be 9 months old tomorrow, so hard to believe my baby is that old! He's been sick for the last several days (the doctor finally decided it was just a virus) so he's been clingy and more cuddly than normal. While I want him to get better, there is something to be said for that! Speaking of which, time to go snuggle him some more. Sorry it's such a boring blog, just wanted to save that map for future reference.


Lisa said...

2021?! That's way too long to wait, what fun in a few years instead! =)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

That's right, we should hit quite a few of those states on our Trip to See the Tylers in the next few years! :-) We looked it up the other day, and it only adds 80 miles to a cross-country trip to stop in Denver to see Tyler and Julie before we come see you guys!