Friday, April 29, 2011

Worn out from Weddings

I really should go to sleep, since I actually got up at five to watch The Wedding, but I found this in Cheyenne's backpack tonight, and its "Awww..." factor is dangerously high.

"I am writing about what I can do on a rainy day. I can play outside and play in a mud puddle. Or you could play a game like Go Fish. I would play the game Candy Land. Then I would go to my gramma's and cook maple syrup. Then we would make sugar snow. I would go shopping with my Aunt Ashley. I would draw on my chalk board at my house. I would go to Florida. At Florida I would go and watch the orange factory and drink some. I would go to my cousins' house. I would cuddle up with a good book in my dad's chair. I could play on my mom's computer. Or I listen to music on my mom's computer. Or I could play on her iTouch. Or I could sit on my dad's lap and watch him play it. I love rainy days!"

It's so stinkin' cute, I almost wish tomorrow was supposed to rain, despite the fact we've had the wettest April on record and the ground is so full of water that every drizzle floods our porch and entryway.

About the wedding...

I was surprised at how simple (well, except for the twenty foot tall trees in the most amazingly huge cathedral) the wedding ceremony was. It was just a tad longer than mine (I think our wedding lasted about 50 seconds, literally), but it was nice. I loved Kate's dress, and Pippa's, too. Bethaney, Olivia and Tori were watching it on the computer at Bet's house (faster internet than on the farm), so we had to phone on for the whole wedding-- almost two hours. I love free long distance.

While I loved watching the wedding, and the kiss, and the subsequent internet discussion about The Hats (did you SEE Princess Beatrice and Eugenie??), watching the video reminded me of why we choose not to have a television. I was distracted from the kids, and Elliott pitched a massive fit when I turned the computer off at 8:30. Even letting my kids play computer games seems to backfire. They get cranky and demanding. So, while they're an age they don't need the computer for school, they only get any sort of screen time for a few hours a week-- when I get to take a Sunday afternoon nap and Daddy gets to use the handy dandy Electronic Babysitter! They get to play computer games, and Daddy gets to relax. I wish I had someone to limit my "screen time" so I would go to bed earlier! :-) There always seems to be just one more blog to read or write, one more witty Facebook comment to post, someone's pictures to view...

On that note, the 5:00 awakening is getting to me! Nighty-night!


Rebekah said...

Hee-hee, wedding addiction going on here too. I didn't get up to watch it live, but did watch the rebroadcast online somewhere. I was amazed at the simplicity of it all too. And the HATS, LOL...I can't imagine wearing something like that stuck to half of my the Bertram lady had. Good NIGHT! :) Guess that's style for ya', but not this chic's style!

We limit computer time too. I have noticed the same symptoms of too much screen time.

Happy weekend!

JBCottens said...

Cheyenne is sweet! And just for posterities sake, Ashley didn't get up to watch the wedding. Honesty in all things! ;-)