Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grandma Time, and Some Sewing Fun

May is continuing April's precedent of cold and rain. It's maddening that the kids can't play outside much, but we're all keeping busy nonetheless.

We did have a nice day when Grandma and Grandpa were out here last week. Here, all the kids were hanging out with Grandma in the "treehouse."

Rilla, hemmed in by Cheyenne's purse and book bag. Not her "bookbag" that she takes to school every day, but the bag she carts everywhere to hold her library books. The purse, of course, contains her library card.

In retrospect, I kind of doubt I brushed this poor child's hair this day.

Lincoln, enjoying the steering wheel.

Cheyenne holding Lincoln-- something she would do 24 hours a day, if we (or Lincoln!) would let her!

Smiley boy!

My pensive girl, with her stuffed dog doing a balance beam act.

Better light in this one. I'm never sure when my camera will use the light properly. Someday I'll learn to use it better.

This boy likes his daddy.

He looks like he has Cheyenne's dog hidden in that other hand.

Testing out our "new" deck furniture. Dana got a set second-hand, and spray-painted it for us so it looks brand new! Now if we could have some sun to enjoy it...

The only way Lincoln goes to sleep at night-- curled up on Evan's arm while Evan works (or plays) on the computer.

The kids were read approximately 362 books while Marilyn was here.

Of course, they read books even when no one is around. It was quiet one morning, so I peeked down into the family room to see what they were doing. They had made themselves nests, and were happily reading together!

Lincoln is exceptionally excited in this picture because he is getting to hold a red hair elastic in his left hand. Usually they get snatched away instantly, but I let him hold it to capture The Excitement on film!

This was Elliott's creation yesterday. I had sat down to sew that afternoon, and I must have been fairly distracted, because I didn't notice him assembling this Masterpiece of Mess, despite the fact I was sitting about five feet away! The stack of books in front was his desk-- I'm not sure what everything else served at, but believe me, this was all very carefully arranged! Then Heartless Mommy put it all away last night. Not that you could tell by looking at the house tonight. It looks like a bomb went off.

Cheyenne, looking somewhat evil, with Lincoln in her clutches.

I was taking a picture today for my not-quite-as-neglected-recipe blog today, and Rilla requested that I take a picture of her and Lincoln's lunch-- which consisted of Cheerios at that point. They were cute little Cheerio-eaters, though, so I obligingly took a picture.

And now, what I was sewing! This is Cheyenne trying it on last night with a very clash-y shirt, but she's proud of it!

And, a mysteriously blurry picture of her wearing it tonight, dressed for meeting.

I had so. much. fun. sewing this. It's called the Lazy Day Skirt pattern, and it's so drop-dead easy, I whipped three of them out in one child-filled afternoon! Cheyenne will get to match her cousins, Orianna and Breanna. As soon as I can get to the fabric store again, I might make one for Lily and Rilla. (Since it's hard to see, the pattern on the skirt is of strawberries and kiwis-- perfect for a little fruit fanatic whose favorite colors are red and green!)

Evan is off at the crack of dawn tomorrow, and he won't be back until Auntie and Angela join us for the weekend Friday afternoon. Considering the bombed house, I better get to bed so I can hit the ground running tomorrow! Hopefully my usual Single Mommy Fortitude will kick in to assist me!


Lisa said...

Levi says he'd be quite content to come join the kids on the swingset, or you can come play on our swing. =)

Bethaney said...

Cute skirt! I have been feeling the urge to sew. But I squashed it by finishing my book in my spare time today. :-)

Ashley said...

Thanks, Clover, for the inspiration...I whipped up 2 of these skirts (slightly modified, of course. I'm no good at following directions.) for Hannah this weekend and they are SO CUTE! :]