Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leftovers from July

I mostly wanted to get on here quickly and give an update on Elliott and school, but it seemed a crime not to address this picture situation-- these pictures have been uploaded, sitting open in a tab in my browser, for WEEKS now. So I'll let you know what's happening around here lately, and then you can peruse some completely unconnected pictures from July. (It's amazing I haven't been offered a highly-paid writing gig with my organization and perseverance.)

Anyway, school seems to be going really well for Elliott! (yes, you should hear Hallelujah's playing in the background when you read that sentence.)  I was a little concerned that he was quiet Thursday night, but he woke up Friday morning eager to get on the bus.  In fact, he was quite put out that there wouldn't be any school this Saturday morning,  "But all the other kids are at school playing!" he told me.  I had to reassure him that NOBODY was at school today.  I'm hoping he's completely ready Monday morning.  He is learning all the kids' names ("Molly" seems to be a major player-- she has glasses!) and his teacher says he is playing well with all the other kids.  Since he's such an experienced kindergartener, he also gets to be the teacher's helper quite a bit, a weighty responsibility he feels fully.  I am so deeply relieved that school is a non-issue this year-- I had been gearing myself up to explore homeschooling or other alternatives.  So far, though, he is just fine where he is.

Evan, meanwhile, is headed north to Alaska.  My sister Lindsey is trying to get moved into her new house, and while she did a great job with demolition, the construction is going slowly as she tries to fit it in between her long hours at work.  She hired Evan to go up for a week to help finish up lots of things around the house so she'll be able to move in before the end of the month.  I am so glad Lindsey will be getting some help, and I am so glad Evan will get a chance to see Alaska.  I am NOT so glad, however, that I am stuck here in New York.  To his credit, Evan was quite upset about going up without his family.  I'm sure he'll be glad he went, though, as soon as he gets a glimpse of the mountains.  And gets to see everyone.  And eat Moose's Tooth pizza, and Arctic Roadrunner burgers.  And, to add insult to injury, travel into Denali Park on Lindsey's road lottery permit.  Ever since we discussed him going, my mind has been full of Alaska memories, and I am now stinkin' homesick for the place.  I still feel we made the right choice to come back here-- but couldn't Central New York have at least thrown in a few mountains to sweeten the deal?

Okay, my children are saying quotable things every day, and being adorable, but I need to finish this blog post up and feed them lunch.  So here's the pictures.  (Speaking of which, I made Evan take my camera with strict instructions to fill up two memory cards.  I may have to go buy a point-and-shoot at Wal-Mart to fill in the gap until he returns.)

Evan hired the Smith boys to demolish our old garden shed in July.  Cheyenne and Elliott thought this high entertainment, and hung out, watching them work.  Nothing like having people watch you work in the hot sun whilst they lounge in lawn chairs in the shade, eh?

Isn't our catalpa tree making some nice shade now?

My new African violet.  I had to completely give up on my old one.  By now, these blooms are gone, but the leaves are still nice and healthy.

Cutie pie.  (I think most of these pictures are ones Livie took when she was down her visiting for a few days in July.)

Livie's intrepid wildlife shot.

One of the front chairs on our porch.  I am still so glad we built the porch, we spend quite a bit a time sitting there, especially now as we wait for school buses.

Livie's book on the guest room quilt.  Still love this quilt.

Livie's shot of a neighbor's flower.  She took a walk, camera in tow.

No, you didn't miss that chilly day in July that's forcing Rilla into a sweatshirt.  I'm not quite sure why the 90° weather prompted this outfit...

Running on the garden-to-be.




Being silly because Olivia was trying to take their picture.

Elliott, still getting used to his glasses (he wears them constantly now).

I'm glad this dumpster is gone.  It was full of old siding from the back of the house, and the old shed.

Demure redhead.

This sweet look is a little rare at the moment.  It's mostly replaced by eye-rolling and heavy sighing.

Synchronized foot-raising.

Showing Livie his hands.

The paparazzi got Lincoln, peering out the bedroom window.

Between Cheyenne's grimace and Rilla's loco ponytails, this is quite the picture.

Kim and Livie, in the simply adorable aprons from Marshall's.  Kim was using the one I bought for Tori.  Don't they look like domestic icons.

They were making a pie-- apple pie!  For some reason, I hadn't turned on the A/C that day, and it was close to eighty in the house, so rolling pie dough was highly challenging.  It sure was yummy pie, though-- not a bite was left!

Now, to go feed my poor ravening wolves...


Rebekah said...

So glad to hear about good school days! Those aprons are so pretty. I never wear one, but I have couple b/c I couldn't resist. But I don them and feel like a grandmother!!

Virginia said...

Looks like an idyllic end of summer! I'm so happy Elliott is enjoying school, too. I guess this is just further proof that moms know what's best for their kids, eh?