Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Unexpectedly Nice Day

This day did not go as planned.  I was supposed to finish bagging up the mountains of clothes and things to take to Salvation Army, and finish putting away Lincoln's winter clothes.  I was supposed to start sorting through Cheyenne's winter clothes, and make mashed potatoes and spicy buttermilk chicken for supper.  Instead, I had a sick baby.  And while it is horrible to see a little baby be unhappy, there were lots of compensations.

Lincoln had woken up from his nap yesterday with a fever, but it responded fairly well to Tylenol and I just figured he was teething.  This morning, he wasn't his normal energetic self, but he was playing around.  At lunch, he really did not want to eat, which was unusual.  By the afternoon, the fever was back.  I ended up laying down with him and holding him while he dozed in and out, half-delirious.  Instead of being a bustling mountain of energy, I dozed myself for a while, then finished a nice, thick YA book.  It rained on and off during the afternoon, so I could look out the window at any time and see clouding racing and roiling across the sky.  There was a beautiful little breeze coming in the window protected by the eaves, and I could hear Marilla, who was supposed to be napping, in her room admonishing her army of dolls.

When the big kids came home from school, I told them they could have their weekly half hour of computer time tonight.  They sat at the computer without fighting the entire time!  I finally talked to Evan around 5:00, and he said he'd stop and get a pizza since I hadn't finished making supper.  Right after I got off the phone with Evan, Lincoln threw up.  And threw up, and threw up.  It could have been worse, though.  It only soaked the comforter on our bed, and my clothes, and Lincoln's clothes.  No floors to scrub or books to throw out.  After a bath and a change of outfit, we were back to being snuggle buddies.

So, I got to hold my baby a lot.  And read two books.  And watch the interesting sky.  The house isn't clean, and I have some interesting laundry to deal with, but it was worth it to have a hot, heavy little weight on my chest.  After the rest of the family left for meeting tonight, Lincoln did perk up a bit, and played for a few minutes before I put him in bed for the night.  I'm hopeful that is the end of his bug.  But if not, I will be ready to hold him for a whole new day.


Ashley said...

Lincoln is lucky to have a mommy who can view a day of being thrown up on as a NICE day :o) I hope he's feeling better soon!!

Bethaney said...

Yeah, sometimes getting thrown up on is worth it to have a day of snuggling and not feeling like you have to be doing such and so! Tell him to get better and give him squeezes from Aunt Bet!

Virginia said...

I would take a barfing baby over lame work any day. Check back w/ me when I have a baby, though.