Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am not dead. Yet.

I haven't written on here for a ridiculously long time, and I'm not REALLY writing on here, because I have no plans for coherence, or pictures.  So not really a real blog post.  But I got done the two photo books I had coupons for that were expiring tonight (I think it's something genetic, I don't think anyone in my family can do something BEFORE the deadline) and now I have to go to bed because the ridiculously evil strep throat that has laid ten family members (TEN!!!) down low still has its claws in my throat.  Or that's what it feels like.  I have a clean house, thanks to a lovely meeting here tonight, so tomorrow I may actually read a book, or read people's blogs, or take a nap, or maybe wash the sheets.  It's a mixed forecast.  I will not be posting pictures, because in the sickly blur of leaving Vaughans' last weekend, I forgot my camera.  And Lincoln's blue sippy cup.  And my favorite potato peeler.  But the potato peeler shouldn't affect the blog much.  I have an awesome quote about reading from Sandra Boynton that I want to post, but I have no idea where Elliott took the magazine that contained the quote, but you can salivate while waiting for it.  In family news, important and not-so, the kids started piano lessons this afternoon; Elliott's strep throat culture came back positive today; Lincoln is talking a lot, and says his own name; Evan is spending inordinate amounts of time on the Maple Trader website; Marilla will turn four (FOUR!!) on Sunday; my punctuation and grammar would make a third-grade dropout cry tonight; and Cheyenne seems to have grown about four inches overnight.  We are heading northward this weekend for some sugaring fun, cousin visits, union meeting, and a birthday extravaganza.  If I can actually buy the child a present or make her a cake before then.  Again, mixed forecast.

Okay, I'll shut up now.  Nighty-night to all!


geri douglas said...

three cheers to you Clover for accomplishing so much when you are feeling sick with strep throat, hope you all feel better soon, and a happpy birthday to Miss Marilla, she will have auntie JoAnna to help celebrate the festivities!

Bethaney said...

Is that YOUR camera on the piano? Here I haven't been putting up pictures because I thought my camera was sitting on Mom and Dad's piano and maybe I have it after all. Enlightening. I have a suspicion that is is probably at Mom and Dad's too.

Impressed that you got the photo books done. And before midnight! Clever!

Enjoy your clean house!