Friday, February 3, 2012

You Win a CAR!!!!!

See, the witty title is because this is my 200th blog posting, so it feels like I should do something noteworthy, exciting, and free-car-ish.  But if I wait until I feel up to that level of coolness, I will never post again.  So, despite the alluring title, this is a regular, run-of-the-mill post, in which I talk about my kids and made snide comments about character education in schools.  Exciting, no?

Today, the kindergarten classes presented a skit about honesty to the whole school (all the way up to 2nd graders!) and parents.  It was about as polished as you would expect a kindergarten performances to be-- about three kids actually sang the song, lots of milling around the stage, etc.  But what really pushed the performance towards embarrassingly bad was when they projected a YouTube video about honesty up on the back of the stage.  That alone would have me rolling my eyes a bit (hello, we are here to watch our children be cute, cut the technology!), but it was a BAD video.  As in, my grandma can rhyme better than that.  As in, Cheyenne is definitely a better artist than whoever illustrated that thing.  As in, we-have-shoved-quality-under-the-bus-to-find-earnest-video-about-honesty.  Anyway, so you can snicker like the bad parents Evan and I were (and are), here's a link to it.

And now, bedtime has crept up on me once again.  In honor of my 200th post, I checked the numbers on the little widget that keeps track of how many people visit my blog.  People have clicked on my blog 47, 580 times.  It makes me feel like someone actually reads this-- and I'm sure only 95% of the visits are from my relatives wishing I would just shut up already and put some kid pictures up.  Well, stick around, Lovely Readers, and maybe by the 500th post, you can be entered into a drawing for our 2001 Chevy Venture.


laura said...

Ooh... that's rough - I made it about 43 seconds into that video and had to stop. (:

Congrats on 200!

Verity Earl said...

You really had me going there. I was super looking forward to getting a new car! Ah well. Maybe someday. :)

That video was pretty rough. Not sure what the point of playing that for a large audience of parents was.

Lindsey said...

I think this post proves that you need to learn more about honesty from Mr. Stanley. I thought I had won a car but you were just lying. "Can people trust you?"

Lindsey said...

Oh and that is my first comment ever on a blog. Not sure why it worked. I might become a commenting fool now.