Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21st

I started out to write a Facebook status about this glorious day, but it was just too full of exclamation points to be readable.  So here it is, a brief blog post, with a bonus picture.

It is, of course, the summer solstice, and I woke up super early.  Not really by choice, but it was a beautiful morning.  I had a busy day at home with my kids (first day of summer vacation!!), and then we headed north to see my "first baby" graduate from high school.  Completely impossible to believe.  Uncle Justin manfully watched four of the kids so we could all attend a graduation without any worries about entertaining babies and toddlers.  Then, home to said beautiful babies and Bethaney's brownies.  (And, hey!  I got to use alliteration today!). Owen and Ashley brought ice cream-- and celebrated their fifth anniversary!  Another impossibility...  we were JUST at their lovely wedding!  Then, a Stewart's run with Livie and Tori.  Then, because we are in the North Country in June, which everyone knows is a convergence of wonderfulness, we had to go drive up the road in the just-a-hair-short-of-full moonlight, and turn the car off to watch the moon, and stars, and fireflies, and smell the hay.  And then take fascinating pictures on my beautiful camera.

And if you think my writing is full of hyperbole, here is photographic proof of just the kind of emotions needed for this day.


LJ said...

So where are the awesome pictures of moonlight and my gorgeous nieces and nephews? But, I liked your post anyway (she said grudgingly...).

Bethaney said...

It was a good day.

Bethaney said...

And weekend.