Sunday, July 21, 2013

Strathroy, and the Aftermath

We kidnapped Livie and Tori and headed over to Strathroy, Ontario, for a absolutely lovely convention the first week in July.

Look who we found there?  Some kids were sure glad to see their auntie.  And Evan and I didn't mind getting to gab with her forever, either!  (Excuse my doofy smile in this picture).

Then, we tried for a family picture.  This is as good as it gets, even though Lincoln is more interested in flowers than looking at Livie wielding the camera.

Laughing over the impossibility of getting a decent picture, while letting some folks go through on the dirt road.

Elliott is sure excited about something.

A little washed out, but proof that Lincoln does at least have eyes.

Then, trying to get a picture with Auntie.  Elliott juts his hip for a model look.

Lincoln starts to emulate the look and Auntie about passes out laughing.

Not a very posed picture, but I love the happy faces.

Getting even goofier.

Elliott is acting on my instructions to either put his hands in his pockets or KEEP THEM DOWN!  Lincoln is searching for his pockets.

Still looking.

A passable picture!!  Wow!

Then, they got to do a goofy faces picture, as a reward.

Livie continued on a walk with Rilla and the camera.  Isn't this a pretty place to walk?

And a pretty little girl.


Big silos (?).  I don't really know what they're for, but they're impressive looking.

A gaggle of Buurma kids, running.

I love how the tassels are in focus.

Whirling ponytails.

A good little runner.

Livie headed out again one evening, trying to capture the sunset.

Not quite as spectacular as the night before, but still quite lovely.

This dog was bound and determined to come to convention, even though no one there claimed him.  After efforts had succeeded enticing him away, he eagerly followed Livie back to the grounds!

The barn at night!  We were giving a surreptitious tour by a lady who was probably way too busy, but graciously showed us all around.

A lovely free stall barn.

I love this picture of the lights reflected in the puddle.

On the way home, we went through Niagara Falls, which slightly lessened the sting of having to leave Auntie and a beautiful time behind.  Despite being a NY resident for 25-ish years, I had never seen them.  We viewed them from the Canadian side.

Still in our convention finery-- we fit in well with the large, eclectic crowd.

Beautiful and powerful.

Much smaller, but still beautiful.

A bit vertigo-inducing.

The beautiful van passengers.

My pretty little sister.

And my pretty red-head.

The Boy with the Blue Glasses.

Two dimple babies!

Sisters watching the Falls.

The kids were fascinated when a seagull landed close to us!

These lights made me feel like I was in a Dickens novel.

A view of the American falls.

The kids thought we should have a carriage ride, but since Evan drove around for 10 minutes to avoid the $20 parking fee, I kind of doubt we'll ever spring for that.

My girl and I.

Little legs tippy-toeing for all they're worth.

Sweet girl.

Then, home.  To scorching temperatures.  We finally set up Lincoln's birthday pool.

The kids pretty much lived in in for five days, until it got too slimy to use.

Lincoln was ecstatic over his birthday pool.

Elliott, doing a trick for the camera.  (I think it involved holding his breath).


Okay, momentary bragging here.  We are in the midst of finishing up several projects around the house, prepatory to putting the house on the market.  This bedroom was where all the clothes were, both while I packed and unpacked for convention.  The clearance around that bed frame was such that I couldn't even squeeze a laundry basket through.  Despite that, I had all the laundry folded and put away by Tuesday.  I was quite proud of myself.

Working on the boys' room.

This closet is half the size of the original closet, so that we can have a closet in our room.

A work in progress!

Our closet.

Since I've uploaded these pictures, we've got a LOT more done.  The bedrooms are all back in order, freshly painted and lovely.  I've even taken pictures of them.  However, I'll let this be all for tonight, so I can tackle yet more remodeling and living in the morning!

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Bethaney said...

There are some awesome kid pictures in this post! Hooray for convention, aunties, and the like!