Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Week

It's been a week since Miss Marilla came home. And underscoring the fact that I am now the mother of an infant, it's taken me four hours to type this much!

The big brother and big sister are just as excited about Marilla as they were when she first came home.

This is our first Sunday. Good thing I have two arms for my two babies! Elliott is still rather attached to his bottle, and since it's an easy 150-200 calories every time, I'm not trying to wean him off it!

Elliott "No-Butt" White models his new suspenders. Aunt Bet found them in a second-hand store and thought they might help him keep his pants up. Usually, we have to wear overalls!

The only thing he's missing to step into the 1890s is a little cap!

Evan's 29th birthday. Lots of help blowing out the candles!

All helpfully recorded by our budding photographer. Our old digital camera has never been so loved. She keeps very busy taking pictures of Marilla-- especially whenever Mommy or Grandma gets the camera out!

We've realized Marilla's Friar Tuck haircut will take a long time to grow in-- it's barely stubble now. It has gone from Daddy's rough-cheek stubble to peach fuzz the last couple of days-- much nicer to rub your cheek over!

We had a doctor's appt. Tuesday-- Marilla was 7 lbs. 4 oz. She lost quite a bit of weight through her hospital stay, but she's sure eating enough to make up the weight quickly. I was so worried she wouldn't eat well, after all those medical things were forced in her mouth, but she's forgiven it all, and eats with gusto!

Our little pink bird in her nest!
We've had several people ask how to pronounce Marilla's name-- it's ma-RIL-la. For those of you who have read the Anne of Green Gables series, I found the name in that series. Marilla was the lady who took in the orphan Anne, and then Anne named her youngest daughter Marilla, Rilla for short. I liked the name Rilla first, but Evan wasn't as crazy over it. Marilla was the compromise, but now it seems like her-- don't know if we'll ever use a nickname!

Both grandmas have been here lots-- keeping me sane! Mom just left today-- she brought an egg carton with some plastic Easter eggs in it for Elliott. He's quite enjoyed putting them in their holes, and opening and closing them. She also bought Cheyenne a ballerina outfit. Cheyenne's daddy is less than impressed, but even he has to admit that he'd have to search a long time to find something as dear to a four-year old heart!

Well, Marilla's patience has truly expired, so I'll wrap it up!


Rebekah said...

Oh my, little photographer in this house too...and she actually gets some pretty good shots!

So cute Elliott! What a find.

Glad Grandma's could be there! Sounds like you are all settling in!

Shannon said...

Yeah! What a beautiful bunch...
We too had two kids in the NICU, our first as a preemie and our 4th as a sick little girl. It was very similar to your experience, where we were are pleased for about an hour, and then things went down hill, right into the NICU. But she is 10 going on 16 now, and those days seem far away.