Thursday, March 6, 2008

Special Hat

(Warning: No fancy prose or long words, Evan is typing this, Clover doesn't like sitting any more)
No more oxygen! Now the doctors say she just has to eat and digest well to be discharged.
Marilla gained a special hat last night. Her IV line came out so they had to put another in, which took 11 failed tries, and finally a haircut and scalp IV. Ouch.
Clover spent most of the day there and was allowed to nurse her a few times. Marilla did just wonderful with the nursing and tonight they will feed her breast milk and slowly wean her off the IV.
The doctors today said she could probably come home in a day or so if she eats well. Whether that means tomorrow or Saturday we won't know until we talk to tomorrow's doctor.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Evan and Clover,

Glad to hear things are improving. Hope she gets to come home soon. We are thinking of you guys and those cute kiddies of yours.

Love Gwen, Corbin, Aidan and Ella