Monday, June 9, 2008

Already June!

We finally got our camera back on a beautiful May when our ornamental crabapple tree was flowering. So, we had a photo session!
Cheyenne is quite willing to pose in any situation, but both her and Elliott were a little hesitant about sitting on tree branches at first. The pictures were worth it, though!

I was setting Marilla up for a little photography session, and she smiled perfectly-- I almost didn't get the camera up fast enough! Of course, thirty pictures later, this was still the best one. I love her smile-- she has a big, open-mouthed grin!

The first weekend in May, we left Mom and Dad's, where Evan had been working for a week, and went down to Dana and Marilyn's for a mini family reunion, complete with Tyler's fiancee, Julie. We had a great time getting to know Julie better, and, of course, watching kids-- they're always a source of entertainment.
Then, back to Vaughans', and the First Annual Vaughan Rodeo! Dad and various of his kids (and his rancher son-in-law!) have been working on a corral for a while, and it was finally ready. They needed to seperate some cattle for sale, and then worm and band the others. Mainly, it seemed to me to be a good photo op! I was so impressed that my little scaredy-cats were actually enjoying being around the animals. The poor dog at Mom and Dad's probably regrets the day Cheyenne decided he was a friend and not a monster-- she's been trying to feed him hay ever since. (Despite me explaining the difference between carnivores and herbivores several times!)

Owen and Justin made sure the kids felt like it was a real rodeo, complete with bull riding.
Rancher Cotten gives Lillian a ride.
Of course, this day was so important that Olivia and Tori had to stay home from school.

Owen also felt it was a good day for photo ops. The poor calves were badgered while Owen grabbed them for pictures. I'm sure Ashley's going to move the wedding up sooner with pictures like this floating around.

After a day like that there were lots of dirty...

and tired kids!

It was lilac time, so Bethaney and I set off with the five kids. We both had our babies snuggled in Moby wraps... Dad calls us "the Peruvian Tribeswomen."

Cheyenne and Orianna show off their matching sweaters.

After wading through some tall grass, there was lots of smelling and picking flowers.

Then it was home for baths and a bedtime story.

Little Marilla stayed happy, watching everyone and having lots of willing arms.

Cheyenne, Elliott and Orianna "had a show," as Cheyenne calls it. Quite the varied repetoire!

This it the other new animal to love at Grandpa and Grandma's farm-- Uncle Cody's new Jacob's ram, Amazing Grace Abner. While he looks rather fierce, he seems quite content to crop grass all day.

We ended up being at Mom and Dad's for about three and a half weeks-- lots of good memories made for the kids-- and probably lots of relief on the part of the Vaughans when we finally left! We were then home just long enough to dump our suitcases on the floor (and make a big mess, also know as Making a Recipe)

and then we packed up for a family reunion out at Aunt Sally's on Memorial Day weekend! Aunt Sally had rented a tent for the meals (Auntie points out the shadows of the tree to Elliott), and there was lots of good food and laughs.
Also, and more importantly to Elliott, there were LOTS of tractors! Uncle Leon and he seem to be soulmates on that subject. Elliott badgered all his cousins into watching him outside while he rode tractors and tricycles for hours on end.
There was a photo session with Auntie (where Elliott was so silly no one could stop laughing)

and Cheyenne got to sing hymns while Auntie played the piano.

Then, back home, where Cheyenne has a beautiful pink geranium, and can swing all by herself.

I had taken pictures of Cheyenne on her three month birthday, and I took some of Marilla on her three month birthday. I tried to replicate the picture, but I was also busy getting ready for the first Wednesday night meeting at our house, so I didn't spend a lot of time on it. Still, they do look alike, even if the photos aren't posed exactly the same!

Elliott is helping Daddy water the maple Evan just planted,

and Marilla is REALLY not enjoying her first bath with the big kids. She's my only kid that does far better taking a shower with me-- not a bath baby!

Here's Elliott with his beloved spaghetti. The other morning, when I set his breakfast cereal in front of him, he disdainfully pushed it away and said, "i want 'detti." He and Evan could happily put spaghetti on the menu every day!

Evan and Cheyenne in the Big Hole. Evan is digging out the next to the basement so he can install a window well for a new window for the basement bedroom. It will be big enough to climb out through the window if need be, so he's moved a LOT of dirt. It the 100 degrees plus heat today, that was a lot of fun!

The kids get a ride (complete with Elliott's ubiquitous car) after Evan takes a load of dirt out back.
Now, we'll be heading up to Vaughans' this weekend for a family get-together-- we'll all be there! Then, the next weekend to Maine, to welcome Ashley to the family! Hard to believe the wedding is just a week and a half away. So it bodes to be a busy month. We're lucky that we're busy doing such pleasant things!

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Clover, I just LOVE your blog! You write exactly like I would if I could. It actually reminds me of The Pioneer Woman blog - absolutely hilarious and oh, so well-put. Laura