Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm not sure if it's because she just got a taste of being the center of attention as a flower girl, or it's from the parade we saw lining up in a town near Grandma and Grandpa's, but Cheyenne is now obsessed with Parades. The other day, she got up and announced that we were having a parade, and that all the neighbors were coming. I think she's a little shaky on what a parade is, but she had planned lots of the details, including all the neighbors' names. Now, we're friendly enough to know the neighbors' names and chat with them about the weather, but I wasn't feeling brave enough to go invite them to a four-year old's parade. Then I worried that I was a horrible mother for stifling her enthusiasm and creativity. I tried suggesting a parade up at the farm with Olivia and Tori, but no go-- it was Today!

The upshot was that we had a parade-- as soon as Daddy and Grandpa Dana came home from work and were good sports enough to join in.

We had refreshments (Cheyenne had asked for food for all the spectators)

and we even did have spectators! (Big Girl Marilla in her Bumbo chair-- we're loving her being able to sit up in there!)

Here is Cheyenne practicing earlier in the day. According to her, there's a Celebration before the Parade-- so this was her Doing the Celebration.

Waiting patiently for Daddy to come home for the parade.

After the parade, Cheyenne put her fairy wings to good use on her swing.

Daddy coming home continues to be the highlight of our day!

Evan being macho, destroying the wall in our new basement bedroom, so he can put in the new window. It is going to be so light and beautiful in there now! There's still all the drywalling to do, and the finishing, but having the window in is a major step.

Cheyenne, Marilla and Katherine this morning after meeting. We were invited to stay for lunch-- always a culinary treat! The fellowship is greatly appreciated, too!

We don't have a picture to go along with this topic, for obvious reasons, but Elliott is engaged in learning about potty training. Just last weekend, he finally produced on the big boy potty! He's been wanting to sit on there forever, but nothing ever came of it until now. Still a LONG road to go, I believe-- it gives me something to do in my otherwise boring life. I can try and remember to sit him on the potty every hour, and respond instantly whenever he says potty, and clean up the inevitable accidents. Yesterday, I had just started making rolls for lunch and was in the crucial stage when he peed all over the stairs. At least it keeps my floor clean in patches!

I want to post more wedding pics, but I'm going to do that in a seperate post-- I have a hard enough time trying to keep text and pictures married in a short post!

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