Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Wedding (Longer Version)

So here's some more pictures of the wedding. For a larger selection (and probably better photography) you can look at Bet's website:

Cody, with the meticuluous attention to detail that marks a true Vaughan, ties his tie before the wedding, using our van as a mirror.

The three Vaughan (I guess I have to write MEN now, instead of BOYS, even though it's hard to take in. Especially if you're around them much.) waiting for the entrance of the Bride.

Keeping the younger members of the wedding party from wandering off while we wait.

Ben and Brianna come in...

And the kids are unleashed!

Cheyenne looks like some high priestess on her way to the altar. She was taking this VERY seriously! They actually all did very good staying focused and walking up to the front.

"Here comes the bride... Dum, dum, de dum..."

Ready for the short but beautiful ceremony.

I think Tyler and Cody were focused more on keeping the Twins from running away than the vows that were being exchanged!

The Kiss.

Traveling back down the aisle as man and wife!

The wedding party. The colors were beautiful. All the little girls wore matching dresses (modified ones for Lillian and Marilla). Lindsey bought the fabric (and installed most of the zippers that Bet and I couldn't tackle), Lisa made Breanna's dress, I sewed about two seams total, and Bethaney did yoeman work doing the dresses for her girls and my two girls! They all looked beautiful (not that we were suprised at that!)

The Alexander family, with its new member.

Parents of the groom, well color coordinated. I'm sure Dad spent a long time planning that...

Breanna waiting with Mommy while everyone went through the reception line.

Owen with his comrades.

Portraits of the bride and groom!

This is my favorite picture, even if it isn't a traditional posed picture.

While we were waiting for lunch, Owen had to frame Ashley because she was as pretty as a picture. Pretty corny, Owen, but she is pretty!

The lovely Misses Vaughans...

And the beautiful Lindsey Sue!

Mom and Dad with Dad's cousin, Henry, and his wife, Christine!

By the time were done with pictures, Lillian and Marilla were just white little puddles of sleepiness.
And Orianna wasn't long in joining them. Wow, they're cute!
Everyone lining up for lunch. There was SO much food!

Including the roast pork that Cody had provided, and Justin and Philip were serving up.

The poor pig the day before...

And after they had finally overcome their scruples and butchered it. Owen said he was going to pardon the pig and order pizza for everyone, but Justin (rancher and hunter extraodinaire) showed up just then and helped them go through with it. It was pretty impressive considering no on had done this before. Even my non-hunter husband had fun carving up the pig to serve to everyone. And it was delicious, too!

Aunt Lisa made matching aprons for the girls, and Cheyenne had it on for lunch and playing.
Rilla sitting on Grandma Jill's lap (can you imagine the curve of that cheek?)

And with Grandma Marilyn

Levi slaking his thirst (in the suit his mother made him! Lisa is beyond talented-- very impressive sewing!)

Cutting the cake.

Starting to make their escape.

I say starting, because they were borrowing Brianna's car to get to the airport, but no one had thought through the succesion of keys! So here Owen sits with an empty ignition while Brianna searched for the keys!

Finally, on their way to their new life together.

The kids had found a dusty place to play, and since it kept them all quiet while we visited, I just figured I'd do a lot of stain treating!

Especially on Mr. Elliott.

We sure did have a beautiful weekend up there, and now I have a new sister-in-law! Yeah!

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