Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hallelujah!

Since I'm supposed to be cleaning the house for Wednesday night meeting and packing for a week away from home, I REALLY shouldn't be sitting on the computer right now. There are just a few things that are too exciting to keep trapped within me.
  1. Rilla slept for NINE hours last night! She had done really well the night before, and Evan and I were wondering if it was because we had turned the heat up from it's usual nightly temperature of 60 degrees. We turned it up again last night and she slept from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. (Soaring, exultant music in the background!!) Mind you, we did have her bundled up like a little Eskimo the other nights, but it must not have been enough. With the complete lack of insulation in our walls, it was probably in the 50s most nights-- too cold for a tender little baby. So, hang the expense (says the woman with no personal income), the heat is staying up this winter!
  2. Cheyenne had a snow day, so I had a reprieve in the making cards and wrapping gifts for teachers. It was also cozy to watch the wind whip snow around while I stayed firmly plunked inside. At least, it was cozy once I had a phone call from Evan to say he was safely ensconsed at work.
  3. The little monologue Elliott just had: He looked at the floor, still strewn with Rilla's lunchtime Cheerios, and said, "I sweep Roo's Cheerios." Then, as he got his little broom and got down to business, he kept muttering, "Messy, messy, messy." I said, "Thank you for being such a big help, Elliott!" and he said, "You're welcome!" Speech problems, my foot. The kid is a genius, and considerate and responsible to boot.

So these are the things making my Monday laundry day seem mighty fine!

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Alaskan Vaughans said...

Right on, Clover; isn't it a WONDERFUL morning when they've all slept so well?! 'Bout time to have another one and set the whole schedule off again? ;)