Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Activities

Friday was Cheyenne's class Christmas program. They sang quite a few songs-- I was impressed at how well they did. The most impressive part of the program was when they DIDN'T sing on the "music only" parts. Not even one kid started blurting out the song when they were supposed to be quiet!

They were dressed as angels. Cheyenne wore her halo until I threw it out yesterday. It was shedding everywhere. For about 5 cents worth of material, it sure made her week!

Afterwards, they had ice cream sundaes (along with overexposed pictures!) Cheyenne is of the belief that you put EVERYTHING that is available on your sundae.

Grandma Eleanor came along, to lend moral support, babysitting help and praise for Cheyenne. I totally forgot to bring a pacifier for the program, and it was right in the middle of Marilla's normal nap period. She was so excited to hear the singing and watch the kids she never squawked, though. It didn't hurt that she got to chew a paper cup to smithereens under Eleanor's watchful eye.

Then, Elliott's favorite part-- getting to play with all the awesome toys. The last two times we've gone to something at Cheyenne's class, this is what he has wanted to do, but I didn't want him to be the bratty kid pulling toys of the shelf. This time it was sanctioned, though. The house Cheyenne was playing with seems to be the favorite with the kids. There were several things happening in that house, rather independently of each other! Dora the Explorer was getting ready for bed while the dinosaurs were invading! Each kid had their own idea of what was happening, and were blissfully oblivious to the next kid's idea.

Elliott, of course, found a truck.

Cheyenne graciously sharing her birthday paints with Elliott. They're a set of one-use strips, so we convinced her it didn't matter if Elliott didn't do it just right, we were going to throw them out after an hour anyway. They had a glorious time.

Cheyenne dressed in her matching outfit with Danielle Bethaney, "her" Cabbage Patch doll. (I didn't have a Cabbage Patch doll as a child, so it was really more for me than her that I got her this one. The smell of a Cabbage Patch Kid is one of the best smells on Earth. We have a hand-me-down one that is really old, and it still has that smell-- nothing else replicates it. I sneak in and sniff the kids' dolls at night. Not that I'm weird, or anything.)

We are moving bedrooms around, still trying to solve the Rilla-sleep problem. For a few days, the crib mattress didn't have a home, except on the living room floor. It sure got some use there. More blankets were spread with care, and House was played... it was almost a shame to reclaim our floor and put it back in the crib.
Always available to pose.
Mr. Cool, playing his harmonica...
which reminded me of this one I took this summer. I don't think it ever made it on here, definite oversight on my part. It's one of my favorite pictures!

Cheyenne having a ball playing outside.
Elliott, wishing he could have a ball outside, but too scared of the snowblower to stay out for more than 20 seconds. I'm actually glad of that... I know Evan is careful, but it just seems too dangerous to be out there when Evan is snowblowing. Daddy took mercy on Elliott, though, and played outside with him for a while after this picture.
I've been busy tonight, trying to make gifts for Cheyenne's teachers. Since I've been good and haven't been to Wal-Mart yet, I had to dream up some gifts. And some cards. I would love to have some card person in the area, I've never done it much and the extent of my ability is to tape a picture on the front of a folded piece of cardstock. NOT very professional looking, but I don't have anything else, and at this point, even if I was in a spending mode, I don't have any time to go buy anything. For the gifts, I made chocolate chip cookies, and I'm tucking them inside a coffee mug (for her male teacher) and a cute little bag someone gave me a long time ago that I've never used (for the female TA). Regifting that hopefully won't look tacky! Then, wrapping them somehow. I have no idea how people take care of gifts for lots of people! I'm worn out doing it for just a few.
The Anti-Spending Month is suprisingly well. Of course, I still have a few weeks to go, so we'll see then! :-) About the only thing I don't have that I'm really missing is Constant Comment Decaf tea, but that's less about not buying it and more about the fact I haven't been able to find it in stores for several months. I am down to my last box of Raisin Bran, which is worrisome. Otherwise, I have actually enjoyed trying to make meals without making a grocery list. Some things I have noticed about this is that I waste a lot less! Instead of just grabbing a whole bunch of plastic wrap, I actually figure out how much I need. I cook just half a bag of the frozen vegetables, because that's all we usually eat anyway. I use my reusable plastic containers more instead of grabbing Ziploc bags. Small changes, but it may help me learn better habits!
And now, for something completely different...

Rilla with her Snuffle Pig face. Imagine vigorous snuffling as a soundtrack.
Snuffle Pig with Tip of Ridiculously Long Tongue. I cannot NOT laugh when she does this, and she does it a lot. Keeps me happy!
Off to bed, to dream about offended teachers rejecting my gifts. Okay, maybe I'm more like my worrywart mother than I like to admit! :-)


Rebekah said...

You've made me smile, laugh and just about cry! Isn't grand to have grandma's all around to help out!! We have honorary Grandparents and the girls just love it! Is that a Lisa quilt in your fav pic? Beautiful colors.

I wish I was closer, I would love to make you some teacher cards...just got the cutest monkey teacher thanks stamp set!!


Rebekah said...

I never had a REAl CP made me some...but they just didn't have that smell LOL!! ;) I think my girls only have one each and one of them I had found at the thrift store with super messy hair. Philip helped L. name her Barfy. Ge-reat, thanks Dad!

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