Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snowy Sunday

It's snowing like crazy here-- a typical winter day! Elliott and Marilla have rivers of snot coming out of their cute little noses, plus bad coughs, so they're staying home with me while Evan takes Cheyenne to meeting. Elliott is not impressed with being left home. He has his mittens on, 45 minutes since they left, and he's still asking me to go outside. He was asking to go to meeting, but I think he's realized the futility of that, so he's harping on the outside issue.

I hate it when Elliott is sick and listless-- too many memories of when we first brought him home. Thankfully, he is usually such a healthy boy. The one upside to being sick is that he cuddles more. We just had a marathon hymnsing, with lots of "sing more hymn, mummy!" until my throat gave out. I'm finally "mummy" which shows the improvement in his speech-- I kind of miss the "mun" I was for so long, though! :-)

I'm going to sweep breakfast off the floor now before Rilla wakes up from her nap-- then make a big pot of chili for lunch-- one of the best things about winter!

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