Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday & Monday, Last Week

These are finally the last of last weekend's pictures! Because I'm a bit of a librarian, I felt I had to get these all up (in chronological order) before I posted pictures of what's been happening around here this week. Which isn't much, but Evan did build a porch on Saturday! Maybe I'll get ambitious tomorrow night and put pictures of that up.

In the meantime...

Justin won the prize for Most Soulful-looking, hands down.

We hadn't heard him with his violin for a long time, it was a real treat!

Cheyenne laughing at her daddy, Orianna getting in on the laugh, and Lily scrunching her eyes shut tight. We were taking a picture, after all!

Silly daddy and little girl.

Orianna a blur of motion, and Lily, with eyes actually open. I love their dresses.

We found out we didn't have birthday candles, right before we were supposed to sing "Happy Birthday" four times. The Yankee Candle party favors came in handy! Bethaney had made four cakes that morning. While getting two little kids ready for meeting and lugging around a large baby belly. The girl is insane.

Orianna and Cheyenne singing their hearts out.

We sang to Grandma Jill the first time around.

Elliott likes singing. Even when he's singing to himself.

Then to Justin.

Then Olivia! (Today (August 2nd) is Olivia's 14th birthday, everyone! Woo-hoo, Livie!)

Lily trying to do a dive out of Bethaney's arms.

Be jealous, all you crafty types, of the awesome job I did wrapping Mom's present. Hey, at least I found a pretty section of the newspaper. I also filched a card from Mom's stationary stash for everyone to sign. Nothing like being Martha Stewart!

Mom looking faintly perplexed. "Hmm... this looks like a computer program... Do they SERIOUSLY think I want a computer program of some sort?"

Ah-ha! A GPS! (She DID want one of those!)

After lunch, Philip joined Justin for some music.

Let's hope Cheyenne learns to sit gracefully like Aunt Ashley some day.

Reading and sleeping.

Daddy and Elliott, listening to a book on tape while playing Freecell. I'm not sure how much Elliott got out of the Agatha Christie book, but he liked being with Daddy.

It's tiring, being a Vaughan male.

Orianna with Aunt Lindsey.

My nephew-to-be. Isn't he a nice shape?

We went swimming in the pool Sunday evening. Right when we were getting out, a neighbor stopped by, selling fresh raspberries.

They were so good, the kids had to dig in while they were still in their swimsuits. Or, in Lily's case, not even in a swimsuit! Good thing this a family blog and we ditched the more immodest pictures.

Monday, Mary brought her kids up for the afternoon. Here's Orianna, Cheyenne and Hayden. Hayden impresses these girls by running really fast. They are, in fact, impressed.

Mary swinging, while Archie begs for tummy rubs.

Lily and Aunt Clover.

There go the eyes again.

Archie is rescued. Tummy rubs galore!

Elliott stays out of the dog situation AND gets a swing from Mary! Bonus.

Philip decides to join the real world and step outside for a while.


Moi, encore. And yes, I did my hair that day. My hair always looks like that, okay?

Verity. I wish I knew who was actually holding the camera for this picture. Verity looks slightly suspiciuos of them.

Nina and clouds.



Fashion shot of Lindsey.

"Ooooh, mud!"

Philip did some special effects with this picture that made it look really arty, but I don't have that version. My daughter is still cute in this one, though.

Adirondack chair. My parents have two enormous maple trees in their side yard. We have spent so many hours sitting underneath the trees on gorgeous summer days.

Philip took my camera for a stroll around the farm, taking pictures of old cars. He put some of the pictures up on Facebook, and titled the album, "Graveyard of Rusted Out Automobiles." My brother Tyler objected. Here's his reply: "I take umbrage to the title-- some of these are just waiting for me to do a few little things and they will be "back on the road again"."

You can make your own decision on whether or not these are still drivable vehicles. They are cool pictures, though.

The green one on the right is my beloved Volkswagon Rabbit. Sigh. I surely did (and do) love that car.

Still Philip's pictures, but the subject matter is more carbon-based, less steel.

Then, a picture of the Jeep. This is the vehicle I learned to drive in. It made me into the master driver I am today. Kids who don't live on farms sure miss out. How cool is it to be a 12-year old that can drive? It was very cool.

Okay, last of the pictures! Thanks for listening, ya'll!


Olivia said...

the person holding the camera for Verity's awesome picture is Philip. just so you know. you know.

Becky Gonce said...

I love the wispy hair!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Ah, Olivia, I TOTALLY see why Verity is looking suspicious, then!

Busy Beavers said...

First of all, GREAT pictures (of all of the weekend). They brought back SO many memories of your family and mine.

Secondly, Verity tends to looks suspicious in most pictures. Is that Philip as in Philip Douglas?? Holy cow! It always amazes me that everyone (especially those I last saw as toddlers) has grown into adulthood.

Cecil and Amy said...

I loved the car-not-graveyard (as I remember, Tyler is bigger than Philip, so I rather make Philip mad!) I was so excited to see Zed still in the land of the living, able to visit with all of the other cars! :-) I thought he may have taken the last ride to the dump when Lee sent several to the salvage yard several years ago. I better not let Cecil see the pics- he may want to recover some of them, too!