Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Night (Last Week)

After the hyper excitement of Saturday's parade, we really had to calm ourselves with more pastoral pleasures.

Owen saddled up Rocky, the Belgian.

It's a bit of a trick to ride a draft horse. That thing is WIDE!

Artfully framed picture of Justin with Meg. (I think Livie took these pictures... I was busy chopping vegetables in the house.)

The Colorado ranch boy gets a few minutes in with his horse!

Rilla liked the horse, too! And her baby. Babies are VERY key right now.

After supper, there was game of softball in the hay field.

All the cool kids drove trucks. I drove the coolest truck-- it's the multi-colored green one.

Pasture we had to drive through to get to the field.

Owen with his blazing fast ball. Or not.

Philip putting his all into his swing.

Our team. Until we switched sides so Cheyenne could run again sooner.

Cheyenne, on base with Aunt Ashley. I went over to take some pictures and bring Cheyenne home for bed, so I wasn't properly shod for baseball. I ended up batting, though, and Cheyenne ran bases for me! It was fun to bat, and I must say I'm impressed that I did get a couple hits!

Nina, presumably dealing with one of Nature's Tiny Friends.

Mr. Cool. Remember Pepsi Points? Cody's shirt is a cultural artifact.

Tori and Cheyenne matched with their green attire.

Lindsey takes off with a great hit.

Cheyenne on base with Verity now!

Nina. It's tough being the only outfielder in a hayfield game.

This is how far out she was.

Verity, gracefully eluding the ball.

Back at the ranch... the kids were having a great time playing together, as usual.

Rilla loved sliding down this little slide.

Bethaney, grateful that I had waited until her bottom wasn't quite so prominently displayed to snap a picture, weeded the flowerbeds.

They're looking awesome!

Rilla loves George, one of the dogs.

She even enjoys having her face licked. (Blegh!)

In an AMAZING display of courage, Elliot even moved in to brush the back of the dog for a fraction of a second. We're working on the animal fear these days.

On our way out to look at Cody's pig (one of the popular weekend activities), Cheyenne and Orianna were friends, holding hands.

Dad hooked up the cart to take the kids for a ride.

They rather liked it.

Then he let Rilla and Elliott sit on his lap while he did another loop.

Rilla driving like a madwoman. It's times like this that I REALLY wish I had a camera with video function, too!

"Um, Grandpa, we're stopped? Would you please make it move again? And QUICKLY?"

All in all, not a bad Saturday evening.

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