Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We (Almost) Have a Porch!

We're well on our way to having a front porch! Evan worked all day Saturday, building it. It took a lot of hard work...

Plus talented construction-workers-to-be who knew how to walk a plank.

"Look, Ma, no hands!"

They walked the plank, or scooted. All good.

Rilla didn't like the aluminum plank, with its holes.

I didn't walk the plank. I held Rilla during times of danger, like Evan cutting rafter tails off. I actually ran a screwgun a couple of times, too. See, Evan, I'm pretty much a carpenter!

The porch actually started with excavation the previous weekend. They finished up the morning we came back from Vaughan's. Can you imagine being able to comfortably perch on a love seat while watching a backhoe a foot away from you? These kids had it made.

Then the guy let the kids take a turn. Elliott was just a little impressed.

So was Cheyenne.

So maybe they'll be heavy equipment operators instead of carpenters.

This was the excavated part, with the concrete forms already up.

Evan doing the remaining hand work. See that absolutely monstrous piece of concrete? If anyone wants it, it's free! I think Evan has some complicated scheme to reduce it to rubble, but it looks pretty permanent at the moment. I'm trying to decide how to gracefully work it into a landscaping scheme.

While the excavator was here, we had a runner-crush driveway installed beside the garage. Now Evan will be able to back the trailer back there and get it completely off the driveway. Well, once he uses all the lumber that's currently there.

Rilla watching a shovel full of gravel fly.

These pictures aren't really related to porches, but she is too adorable not to post pictures of her.

What a little grin!

The porch, midway through Saturday.

Here's a shot with a view of some of the finished siding. SOMEDAY, probably for Rilla's graduation party, the porch will be shingled, the rest of the house will be sided, the porch railing will be up, the lawn will be re-landscaped around the porch...

But with construction supervisors this cute, who's in a hurry to finish the project?

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Andy and Susan said...

ok...HOW did you get blogger to cooperate with this many pictures? I can hardly post 1 lately!

Jealous, in VA