Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Cheyenne Show

Tonight was Cheyenne's kindergarten musical. It was that well-known Broadway hit...

Lots of pathos and drama in this one, let me tell you.

Miss Cheyenne was The Cheesy. As in the cheese that stands alone at the end of the song, "The Farmer in the Dell."

Notice the costume her wonderful father made for her.

This is Cheyenne, the picture of dejection, when the rat leaves her standing alone.

Now it's even worse! Now the WHOLE KINDERGARTEN CLASS is blaming the cheese for all the problems in the world!

Leading to the heart-rending solo, "All Alone Again". To view this song in all the horrible audio quality of Evan's little point-and-shoot camera, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvsqEDpakZ8.

Here's Cheyenne's friends, Sage (Gouda cheese) and Tess (Brie.)

Alex was Limburger cheese.

Letting it ring forth!

In the end, everyone was friends! What a surprising ending for a kindergarten musical...

Tess, as Brie.

Isabella, as Mozzarella-- her mom is Italian, so this was an obvious choice of costume! Cute!

Cheyenne has been in the spotlight already this month-- here she is waiting to receive a Character Education award.

She won the award for her perseverance in learning all her lines as The Cheezy.

Sage also won an award.

All the award winners.

Bethaney brought the kids down today-- Gilbert had a follow-up EEG, and they wanted to watch Cheyenne in her acting debut! This picture is a bit blurry, but it shows the wonderful chaos of having the cousins here. The vacuum on the microwave is a nice touch.

Rilla, chilling with the Cabbage Patch Kids.

Mr. Gilbert got to lay on the floor and watch the cousins play-- amazingly, no one tripped over him or dropped toys on his head. He was happy watching everyone!

Now that all six kids are off to bed, I should head there soon, too!


Sara said...

Adorable! What a talented little lady you have (but you already knew that :)

Lisa said...

Great job, Cheyenne!!! And little Gilbert is using the quilt.... yay!!! =)